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    Kansas Dad,
    Thank you, I really appreciate it. That is what I pretty well figured I would do & just put everything in one of those Aluminum BBQ pans I keep then into the coolers lined with Blue Ice at the bottom. The transport is only 4-5 hours, so I think it should be OK, so long as I cool it all down over night first. The ham I ended up with is 25 pounds so I will do one pan for the turkey, another for the ham (that may end up shredded), & others for smoked oyster stuffing, cream corn, sweet potatoes, smoked mashed potatoes, etc. Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it.

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  • @gvosberg66 Good to have you on the board, there is a lot of deer processors on here so between @austin, myself and the users we should be able to get you any answers you need!

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    Hey New here
    Started using a backwoods extended party a few years ago mostly for ribs.
    Processed my first deer last week with equipment and spices from Walton’s. Made several sausages.

    Very Satisfied with the results but plenty to learn.

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    @calldoctor I would cook, cool, then slice off the bone and pack the beautiful whole breasts and dark meat, whole Turkey legs in the juices in your pan you rested the turkey in originally (you didn’t throw that away did you?). When you reheat, that juice will keep everything moist.

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  • @calldoctoday No worries, I was looking around for it on meatgistics for 15 minutes because I KNEW I answered this question and I started worrying I had deleted it somehow! What @Departing-Contestant said is 100% accurate though, always worth being extra careful, the last thing you want is for people to get sick! I missed that you were doing oysters, be super careful with those!

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    @jonathon Yes I did. I am sorry for repeating it. However, when I was on the lookout for answers I could find neither the answer or the question. So, I thought maybe it did not take or something. I was not sure & I am not very good at this blogging business. Thanks for the response & pardon me for making you go though it all twice. Dave

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