• Introduce yourself to the Walton’s Community or meet others who are new and just signing up!

  • Do you have a fun story or pictures from a great hunting trip, a grill or smoker setup you are really proud of, a recipe to share, or anything else to brag about? Share it here with the rest of the Walton’s Community!

  • Ask questions about anything meat related. Anything from sausage or jerky making to butchering and grinding or stuffing and even thermal processing.

  • Ask questions about smoking meat, tips and tricks for grilling, and learn how to become a pitmaster!

  • Ask questions, share hunting and fishing stories and pictures, and discuss what gear you use.

  • Anything and everything else, whether it is meat related or not, get answers for just about anything.

  • This is a new category to be used when you run into an URGENT issue while processing. Austin and Jon have this set up to get an alert from any posts in this category and will do their best to answer these as quickly as possible. There will be times when neither of us are available to respond quickly. Please use this category as needed.

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