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    @revid You really need to get the internal temp up to 160 degrees for food safety. In the future if you have that problem I’d transfer them to the oven to finish them off to make sure you get that internal temp up where it needs to be. That 160 degree temp is where you kill off the harmful

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    Thanks Bud, just tried to make some but used only lean meat. Looks ok but the casings didn’t shrivel up like you see other snack sticks. I used 17 mm mahogany casings. Put in my Bradley smoker, smoked low(110-120) for an hour then gradually up to 150. That’s the highest I could get it to go cause smoking out in my shed and it’s cold outside, despite having a fire on in shed. Had it going for about 7 hrs but only smoked( used 5 brickettes) for an hour. Took out then cooled off in cold water food few minutes. Have yet to try but looks ok.

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  • @revid I’d absolutely add pork fat if you are making a snack stick out of any wild game or lean meat. 80/20 is the absolute lowest I would go before starting to use additives like Cold Phosphate and Carrot Fiber to prevent it from drying out.
    Summer Sausage and Snack Sticks are very similar processes aside from size and seasoning and smoke schedule.

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