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  • Weekly Blog Post - Take A Survey, A New Set and Meatgistics University Meat Processing Equipment

    Find out what's going on at Walton's and Meatgistics this week. We will have a loose schedule for soon to be released videos, what we are working on long-term and maybe a few quick tips and tricks that are on our mind!

    What Videos are being released soon?

    Meatgistics University - Meat Processing Equipment 203: Mixer Maintenance - We show you how to breakdown, clean and reassemble the Weston 20 and 44 lb meat mixers.

    Meatgistics University - Meat Processing Equipment 204: Bag & Casing Clipper We are discussing the Walton’s Bag & Casing Clipper

    What Projects are we looking ahead at?

    We have a new set that we will hopefully be introducing next week. This set will allow us more versatility and the ability to show more than just one or two people sitting at a table!

    What’s on our Mind?

    We are upgrading this year, we’d like you to take a few minutes and take this survey to let us know what you would like to see changed, improved or removed on the new site! Click HERE to give us your input on what we can do better!

    Noteworthy Recent Posts

    There are 3 very recent posts that I’d recommend you check out;

    @deplorablenc1 Shows off his recipe and the results for his Pickled Venison Heart
    @Joe-Hell Shows off and talks about his Gigawatt! Snack Sticks
    @gerry-johnson Made some Moose Bacon, Bologna, and Summer Sausage that looks amazing! Hopefully, he will share a little more of his process with us all?!

    Meatgistics Community

    Our little community continues to grow at a steady rate. In the past 7 days we have had;
    120 New users
    61 New Posts
    12 New Topics

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  • @joe-hell That will be great!

    With changes going in this afternoon, I expect to get rid of all the 503 errors. Those errors are due to an excessive load, and all the growth and traffic that continues to happen on Meatgistics. We are getting things transferred to a bigger server, and that should handle things much better!

    We should be getting some new features too, as we are upgrading multiple levels in the software!
    We are really excited to have everything put in place later today!

    Definitely feel free tag me in a post, or send me a chat message if you every see a problem, or just have a question or comment about any functionality.


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  • @austin I should have sent you a note the first time I saw it. If I notice any forum issues in the future I will contact you. That type of error seems to be common place as forums grow.

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