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  • @Screamin I would not mix one day and stuff the next. Once you add the cure and mix, it will start working as you hold the product overnight. You can mix, stuff, and then hold overnight (if not using an additive like ascorbic acid or encapsulated citric acid). With the cure in there, the product will start to firm up and when you stuff the next day, it will become next to impossible to get it out of most any stuffer. Once you start and add cure, you need to get it into casings that same day.

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    @Austin Thanks so much for your quick reply. I think I’ll get some of your Carrot binder. Sounds like it will do the job and have an application in thickening some of the sauces I create. So, just to be sure, if I use Prague #1 cure and ascorbic acid, what I’ll really doing is adding some additional insurance against bacteria and if I mix one day and stuff the next the combination will be ok? Again, thanks for the information.

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  • @Screamin
    Dehydrated milk can function as a binder, but not as good as one of the binders we sell (https://www.waltonsinc.com/seasonings/additives)
    There are more efficient binders out there, or couple the dehydrated milk with additional ingredients, and you get our Sure Gel Meat Binder. It can definitely play a role and work, but I’d prefer using another binder, or Sure Gel for the extra ingredients.

    Ascorbic acid functions as a cure accelerator and help protect the cured color of a product during storage. The cure is what helps us make a safer product by killing bacteria. Low cooking temperatures with snack sticks, sausage, jerky, etc. creates a perfect environment for botulism spores. Botulism can create a potentially fatal toxin and is one of the main causes of food poisoning each year, so we use nitrite in cure to retard the growth of spores. Cured meats can also have a different color, different texture, and a slightly different taste that people are familiar and accustom to.

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