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  • @Screamin Pineapple I would absolutely recommend you dry, it contains bromelain which could be an issue as it will break down the proteins surrounding it. For Jalapenos that isn’t as much of a concern but I do still use dried flakes when I am adding it to sausage. If you have fresh jalapenos you could blanch them and then dry them out just to be safe.

    Use carrot fiber at the 4 oz to 25 lb batch, her is the link to the Additive Chart but basically use .8 oz per 5 lb batch.

    Yes, if you are getting a lot of moisture inside a vacuum package it can spoil the meat more quickly. You could add a longer drying phase, or check the humidity in the cooler you are holding it, sometimes holding it too long actually adds more moisture back into the sausage.

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    @Screamin the fat content is a variable 80/20-70/30 is in the range but it is a matter of preference but fat in the proper amount is flavor there have been many discussions on this from what I have read dried additives work better waltons has a Hawaiian /pineapple seasoning and many others that might get you closer to what you are trying to get to.

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    I just received my order from Walton’s and since reading Meatgistics, these products should cure many of my past problems. However, I have a couple questions.
    -I am using pork shoulder, but I have been trimming off the thick fat on the bottom and not grinding into the sausage mix. Do others include this fat in the grind or remove? My concern is that I may be disrupting my fat content.
    -I have been adding Jalapenos to the meat after grinding and before stuffing, same with pineapple. . However, I have not been drying them. Just draining, blotting and adding to the meat. Is this the proper way to add this stuff or should they be dried. Have heard opinions both ways, but I don’t think those I’m talking to know any more than I do which is a problem. Need some expert advise.
    -I received Carrot Fiber with my order. However, the “Usage” says 1.59 oz up to 3.59 oz per batch. What is the batch size? How much should I use for 5#
    -After smoking the sausage, cooling, overnight in the fridge, left out for an hour and vacuum pack, I notice some moisture on the brats when opening the vacuum bag to eat. Does this present a possible mold problem and if so, what should I change to prevent?
    Thank you so much for your time. This is a really great site, can’t say enough good.
    As for my other question below, I have decided to go with the experts and not vacuum pack when finishing in the 170 degree bath. Thanks for that advise.

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