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  • @randynight I grew up in New York State so we didn’t run into Gator meat a lot, so excuse my ignorance on this topic but other than the tail what is commonly eaten from a gator? Is it pretty much all the meat? I’d imagine that the thighs have some good meat on them, no?

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    I added a pinch of nutmeg and some high temp cheddar cheese and it was absolutely fantastic. I also mixed in 20% chicken thighs along with the pork fat. The Gator I got was very large over 500lbs. So was a little tough.

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  • @bubba_mcnabb Awesome and I love that you have the kids out there with you, it’s important to pass that along to the next generation. If you’re looking for suggestions I’d seriously consider making the Lebanon bologna, I recently made that and it was awesome. For the Back Straps, you gotta try injecting it with Soluble Pa’s Black Bull BBQ Seasoning, I did that a while ago and it was the best venison anything I have ever smoked!

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  • 0_1544028514741_Screenshot_20181205-114821_Gallery.jpg 0_1544028529637_Screenshot_20181205-114724_Gallery.jpg 0_1544028544684_Screenshot_20181205-114641_Gallery.jpg 0_1544028554098_Screenshot_20181205-114628_Gallery.jpg

    My ohio 11point I killed this year. Great buck and I got 75lbs of venison 😀. Made bologna, snack sticks and jerky from this stud. Its always a joy to introduce your kids to the outdoors and get them involved as much as possible.

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    @jonathon 0_1541520987496_Photo Sep 04, 10 38 48 PM.jpg Female we think. Hard to tell on a reptile, since it was 9’5" and only weighed 200 lbs we assumed female as males can be much heavier

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  • @randynight Nice pic and good luck! It sounds like you’ve got it handled. As far as fat content just try to get it somewhere in the 70/30 lean to fat ratio for the texture and taste.

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