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  • Mid Summer Bass have been good in Kansas this year on soft plastics.

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    @Jonathon Also try a zara spook early in the am. killer.Geo.

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  • @geo315 for some reason they hit on them all through the year in my pond in my back yard. I do get a few more of the big guys going for them in the spring but something is up in my pond that they just love the rattletraps all the time. I have witnessed large schools of minnows, or at least what I think is large for a 3 acre pond, so maybe they are used to going after schools of fish which is what the rattletrap is supposed to mimic?

    I also get a lot of good size bass on the meps that has the minnow instead of the hair at the end? It’s been a killer this year!

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    @Jonathon rattletrap, my fav springtime bass lure.

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  • If no one has said it yet nicely done! Sort of hard to see through the summer casings but looks like you got a good fat mix in there!

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