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  • RE: Venison Hot Dog Issue

    slyoder That’s awesome! This is what Meatgistics is all about! Pics when you get a chance? Also, how do you like your XXL? I’m loving ours but I am trying to learn the heat patterns near the back wall. I actually burned some jerky that way.

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  • RE: Tex's Top Picks

    Tex_77 Great job man, thank you! This is probably more helpful to new users than anything we would give. I know I take more stock from something a customer says than something an employee says! Agree with almost everything BUT on the Weston 330 lb will soon be replaced, we have a 600 lb platform scale coming that will be in the same price range and it will have a low weight setting for being able to get accurate readings at under 5 lb!

    Glad to hear you like the Argentinian marinade that much, one of our commercial salesman just asked me about it and though I have used it, I used your love of it as a recommendation, so that was helpful.

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  • RE: Line of satelites?

    PapaSop Today The Fridge Raider told me he saw them last night too. I saw them at 4:30 am and he saw them at 9:30 pm…wonder if they came all the way around or if there are more than 1 strong of them?

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  • RE: Team colors

    Gravity Storm Yeah, no “benefit” other than @Team-Blue Members having your back when you get into one of the constant fights on Meatgistics (just kidding, this is a very friendly community) and being one of the “cool Kids” @Team-Orange I think does something for its members…I just can’t seem to tell what it is?

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  • RE: Favorite snack stick flavors?

    NDMike This is a hard one for me but here are mine, though they change:

    1. Willies, best seller for a reason
    2. Habanero BBQ, nice mix of sweet and heat
    3. Gigawatt nice and hot, especially with ghost pepper
    4. Taco Flavored new but I really like it. I am sure I am missing something here…

    Oh, I made sticks from Supreme Pizza and they were really good but that is not a snack stick seasoning. I think I used 18 lb of meat to a full bag of seasoning to make up for the lack of salt content.

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  • Meatgistics "walk through"

    Hi guys, here is the Livestream we did the other day on a bunch of Meatgistics features and how to. I might redo the information on this to make a cleaner video and then send that out to new users but for now, here is the video.

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  • RE: how does cure with ECA protect meat before its released

    nolannn I’ll do a post on this later, I asked this question of our application specialist on a podcast or live stream a few months ago and he gave me an answer I didn’t understand. Clearly, there are still lots of unanswered questions on the mechanism that makes the meat safe during the smoking process. I will try to get a more detailed answer and either post or do a live stream on it.

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  • RE: Sausage smoking on a Traeger

    GODUCKS Not a traeger but Ive done it on both my camp chef and gmg pellet grills. You either need to experiment with propping the lid or just deal with the low temp being between 150-170. I highly recommend you put the sausage in before you start the grill, this way it gets the benefit of some cooking at lower temps. You will also get a better product if you find a way to get it up off the main grate, a smoking shelf or something will do.

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  • RE: Topics for Meatgistics Livestream

    We are going to go live in 45 minutes. I am going to be sitting behind the computer and (hopefully) sharing my screen so everyone will be able to see what I am seeing. Not enough room back here for me and Patrick so I will be driving the equipment…see how that goes!

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  • RE: Line of satelites?

    johnsbrewhouse So, they didn’t look like that, they appeared far closer to the earth and farther apart than they do in that video. I am not joking when I say they basically went from horizon to horizon, I would estimate there were 10-15 of them?

    However, it was 4 am, I ws still sleepy and it was a shock, so my memory probably is already scrambled!

    processhead lol, I just changed it to something more reasonable!

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