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  • RE: I could use your opinions on your ultimate burger grind

    @DougSmokes For whatever reason they didnt come through, if you want to email me at I will post them for you…I really want to see this especially since I am messing around with 150 lb of brisket this week!

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  • RE: Roast Beef

    @msalmon YES! More people need to try roast beef with injected Pa’s black bull! Some people here, @Austin being the main offender, still use the Butter Flavored for roast beef. Now, that is good but the Pa’s is better!

    Im putting this on our social media accounts, great looking pic and great description!

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  • RE: snack sticks/ dehydrator

    @gerhardus6 I did a video on this a while ago and it should be released soon. We like a smoker better as we think it gives a better tasting and textured finished product but we were also happy with the jerky that we used anb oven and a dehydrator on as well.

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  • RE: Fermented chili sauce as a marinade.

    @macsinsac So, how was it!?

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  • RE: I could use your opinions on your ultimate burger grind

    @craigrice Maine is the prettiest state in the Northeast in my opinion, you get a little bit of everything. I used to visit my girlfriend in Waterville and we’d go on these insane adventures into some of the most beautiful scenery you could possibly imagine…well, you probably actually can imagine!

    Also, first place I was up close (100 yards or so) with a BIG moose and let me tell you that changed my perspective of wild life a lot!

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  • RE: Cold smoke or warm smoke bacon

    @jkakuk We don’t recommend doing a cold smoke on bacon. While it is cured it is cured with nitrites and for that you still want some thermal processing. If you are wondering about cold smoking after thermal processing I would say it isn’t necessary, you should be able to get plenty of smoke during the normal smoking process.

    I hope I didn’t massively misunderstand your question?

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  • RE: Snack sticks , first timer

    @joduff what @JohninPa used would be exactly what I would recommend. Sure gel is a bit more expensive than some of the other binder but it does the best job (in my mind) and for your first time it’s probably the best choice. Willies is an awesome all around snack stick seasoning so you can’t go wrong with that. I’d consider adding hi-temp cheese, for willies I’d just go with cheddar or hot pepper which isn’t really hot, it’s more like pepper jack.

    Everything you said was correct, dampers wide open with no smoke or humidity for the first hour and then close them down and add some and a wTer pan. Check out the advanced thermal processing video where we added automotive sponges to the water pan, you can really get your telematics humidity up there with that!

    I’d use 19mm smoked collagen casings and I’d hang them if possible, if not you can rotate them but they are gonna have marks either way so maybe just leave them so one side is smoother?

    Don’t forget an ice bath or shower to cool them down, then leave them out at room temp for an hour, then the fridge overnight before vac packing.

    Good luck, I’m sure they’ll be great!

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  • RE: Sous Vide vs. Reverse Sear...

    @Tex_77 first, those looks awesome! I have no idea which side of the pre searing before sous vide I am on. On one hand the whole reverse sear method has proved to be far superior to older methods, so not searing before the cook makes sense. However, when sous vide cooking I have noticed that more juice ends up in the bag than I would have expected, could a pre seat help lock the juice in?

    @austin is away so I’m thinking next Monday or Tuesday is ribeyes or kcs for lunch!!

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  • RE: Hog Casing question....

    @knifemaker3 i just double checked and tubed are only available in 100 yard hanks…if someone proves me wrong that would be pretty embarrassing!

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