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  • RE: Difference between stick & summer seasoning

    @mars they are VERY similar to the point where I can’t think of one that I wouldn’t use for the other, so go ahead!

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  • RE: Making the Walton's hot links with 50/50 venison/pork

    @73S Hog casings will absolutely work, no reason to wait but 32-35mm is going to present as a very thick diameter hot dog. It won’t make any difference other than that though so I would say go ahead, and if you want to do it again go with 26mm cellulose casings which is a good size and we sell them in individual strands. Or go with one of the sheep casings, any size of those should work well!

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  • RE: Making snack sticks for the first time.

    @twilliams He can grind it an add it BUT it won’t smoothly incorporate into the rest of the snack stick because it has already been partially cooked. It should still work. @ADKGuy I agree with @parksider 1-1-1 beef pork bacon is going to end up being very fatty. I would 2 beef, 2 pork and 1 bacon, especially since the bacon won’t totally mix with the rest of the meat.

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  • RE: Stuffer Gasket for OLD Optima 9 Ltr Stuffer

    @akdave Dont have any ideas for you but I can tell you that neither the 7/11 lb or the 26/33 lb stuffer pistons or gaskets will work for that. The small is about 5" (inside diameter) and about 8" (outside diameter). Good luck!

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  • RE: Jerky and Sure Cure

    @Amiel-Leblanc If you are wanting to cook up to 160 and then dehydrate I’d recommend that you cook quickly and I would then say move the dehydrator set at full until you have achieved 50% loss. However, with a dehydrator capable of going to 200 I’d recommend you stick with this :
    130F for 1 hour (open damper on smoker)
    145F for 2 hours (2/3 closed damper on smoker)
    175F until internal meat temp of 160F

    So turn on the dehydrator fan full for 1st stage and then medium for 2nd? Sorry I am working this out in my head. You’ll achieve the drying no question, so I would recommend just leaving dehydrator on full for all 3 cycles.

    @Joe-Hell BNack in december your posted “You can throw the marinated meat in a zip loc or preferably a vacuum sealed bag and ‘knead’ it by hand for 10-20 minutes and then rest overnight, flipping on occasion. I will use my Weston racks over a covered sheet pan to cook the jerky to 160 in a 350 degree oven quickly then finish in the dehydrator set to 160.” How long did you leave it in the dehydrator and at what setting?

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  • RE: Tying Summer Sausage

    @twilliams I didn’t even notice the different colors but I bet you are right, easy way to label. It also makes sense that they would trust the factory tie more than the open side. Good deductions and thanks! Before I had the PK I would add a smoke tube to my vertical to get as much smoke as I could so I don’t know if he is cold smoking this or not?

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  • RE: Meat Mixer

    @Parksider Was it just not enough time to hunt or is there a problem up there, has chronic wasting disease made it to your neck of the woods?

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  • RE: Making the Walton's hot links with 50/50 venison/pork

    @73Saint The citric acid in the seasoning is a small amount that I have never noticed when eating the hotlink.

    Yes, unless you have something like a bowl chopper then grinding that 3rd time just like with beef or pork is your best option. Make sure your meat is super cold when you begin and I also suggest you put the meat back into the freezer for 15 minutes or so between the 2nd and 3rd grind.

    Cellulose casings make a beautiful skinless product so that is what I would go with for casing. When you are mixing in the seasoning make sure you have excellent protein extraction, should be simple with triple ground meat.

    Take pics!

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  • RE: Bacon help

    @paxras You are all good for an additional 24 hours then! Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of making something fun?

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  • Tying Summer Sausage

    Does anyone know of a reason to do this? Why zip tie and tie and then why not hang from the side with the loop already there? This came through on a product review and it caught my eye, mostly because I have never seen anyone do it before and was wondering what the reason is?

    The only thing I have come up with is he wants them at a specific height in the smoker. Also, if we sold food-safe, reusable zip ties, who would do that instead of tying?


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