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  • RE: Meatgistics Updates

    I just used up the last of my smoked sausage a couple weeks ago in a Gumbo and I hate okra so I don’t put that in mine when I make it. As far as the roux goes, it really depends on which part of the state you grew up in as to what you prefer. For me it just depends on how patient I’m feeling when I am cooking but usually I go a little darker than caramel.

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  • RE: Even More New Features For Meatgistics!

    Is the app available for iPhones yet Austin

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  • RE: Recipe for Disaster: Trail Mix Snack Sticks

    Interesting…never even thought of doing something like that…now it’s got me thinking what else could be put in sausage

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  • RE: How to Make Andouille Sausage

    lcash74 That was the same thing I said when he mentioned it, you don’t put shrimp in Andouille. If you want to do that make Boudin or something else.

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  • RE: Carrot fiber in jerky?

    Kentucky Fisherman It might work against you or it might be fine! Basically, Carrot Fiber is just binding more water into your product. When used in snack sticks or summer sausage it can have a tendency to increase cook times as it is holding more water and therefore increasing the stall. With ground jerky, I’d imagine it would do the same. Now, there are lots and lots of people on here who use carrot fiber in their snack sticks or summer sausage and love it, so you could be fine!

    My guess would be that it is going to give you a better product than using nothing but not as good as sure gel. There certainly isn’t any reason to absolutely not use it.

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  • RE: Snack Sticks water squirting out

    brian SCHNEIDER I’ve been using the Meater+ for everything basically but I will go back and try to fix that. If it works I will replace that old video with a new one. I loved the functionality of the unit and initially it was great, so hopefully, this fixes that! sbtech I am glad it helped identify the issue for your smoker, somewhere we used firebricks to stabilize the wave in our smoker and I am wondering if they could actually work to stabilize top to bottom heat fluctuations? I’ve got an old Weston vertical that had some fluctuation so I could test this is people thought it could be helpful? Hopefully grilleye gets back to you, if you bought it from us let me know I can get a receipt if it was bought online or by calling in!

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  • Recipe for Disaster: Trail Mix Snack Sticks

    Trail Mix Snack Sticks!

    In this segment we take big swings at recipes that could either be amazing or disgusting! Today we are taking a snack stick, adding pumpkin seeds, mixed nuts, raisins, cranberries and mini M&Ms

    Prep Time

    3-6 hours (including smoking)

    Cook Time

    Until Internal Temperature was 160 Degrees


    Snack Stick Seasoning
    Mixed Nuts
    Mini M&Ms
    Pumpkin Seeds

    Utensils Needed

    Meat Grinder
    Sausage Stuffer
    Grill/Smoker or Oven


    Follow the normal process for making a snack stick but add ingredients for your style of trail mix. If you add M&Ms add them during the last 60 seconds of mixing to prevent the color from being washed off the candy coating.

    Disaster rating: 1-10 where 10 is the worst

    This was a 1, maybe a 2 and that is only because we added the pumpkin seeds and they had some crunchiness to them that we didn’t care for. Other than that, these were awesome and did not last long! We maybe would have added more M&Ms as the sweetness from that really stood out. Also, we used the Cranberry Summer Sausage Seasoning but there are plenty of others that would have worked just as well.

    Watch Waltons: Recipe for Disaster: Trail Mix Snack Sticks

    Shop for Sausage Seasonings

    Shop for Sausage Stuffers

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  • RE: Roll Call (Start Here First)

    AndyHCMC I really dont, Joe Hell is the best person I think to talk to about this type of recipe. He usually is pretty good about responding when we mention him but if not try chatting him through the site.

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  • RE: Meatgistics App

    Okay it is meatgistics21 and it will get you $10 off of an order of $50 or more. We will go back to drawing board with how we send these messages. I am not giving up on that though. I really like the idea of being able to send out specials through that app!

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  • RE: Meatgistics Updates

    Tex_77 Yes COVID GO AWAY! We absolutely would have done our meatgistics meatup in 2020, now it is looking like 2022 might be the year, or late 2021. I try to avoid talking to Patrick when possible. He has brought that up before…okay, we can do some stuff like that. We did try it before and it didn’t have much of an audience but we also were at about 4,000 users or so when we tried it. I like the idea of the cooking of nonstandard cuts of meat a lot. We can do that for sure! Don’t think I can do the bourbon but I highly suggest someone here start a post on that! What we could do would be plan one out, then have a bourbon or beer that we all drink and then talk about…sort of like an awesome book club?

    Gumbo is always good!

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