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  • RE: Reuben brats

    twilliams I’d say replace it if you want that nice stronger taste, just know that the pH of the cabbage (depending on the type) might affect a bind, so if you are making a cured product then I’d go with normal water, if you are making fresh then have at it!

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  • RE: Bologna info

    I think my numbers were off as I apparently took the amount per 5 lbs and used that as per 1 lb. since .24 X 5 is 1.2 That is why I wanted to double check my numbers.

    Thanks for the help and correction on my numbers

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  • RE: Turkey andouille

    Benjamminn I have never used turkey skin in a brat so I am not sure how that will go, I have a feeling even grinding it through a 1/8 plate is going to leave you with some shredds of it, but like I said, I have never done it so I can’t say for sure. As far as fat content with 55% Lean and 45% having about 30% fat content you will be on the lighter side of what I would recommend but if you use carrot fiber and cold phosphate you should be all good!

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  • RE: Meatgistics Bratwurst Seasoning Review

    bocephus Go to your cart and select view all, then enter the coupon code and once it applies look over just below the “Get a Quote” button, it should have Free Shipping $0.0 option like this


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  • RE: Internal temp on snack sticks?

    KenfromMI I loop my cable up over the smoke stick and put it in facing downwards, not sure if you are already doing that but just in case you are coming in from the bottom, looping it over the snack stick is the best way. Usually I would follow one of our snack sticks schedules and then check it at about 4 hours in and then every 1 hour or so

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  • RE: BBQ Guru thermostat

    @Weber I tagged the weber group for you, good luck, that is a dilemma!

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  • RE: Ingredients

    Grandpa1 I’ve never used any soy other than Soy Protein Blend and that has Soy Concentrate in it. Sure Gel is the one I use the most and that has some milk in it but it is designed specifically for binding sausage, which I don’t think non-fat dry milk is. Of the two, I prefer the sure gel. Maybe someone else here has used Non-Fat Dry milk?

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    FYI if anyone is local or coming through Wichita let me know I have these pretty awesome bacon flavored snack sticks that I am not going to ship out to people as they aren’t shelf stable as I didn’t want to add Encapsulated Citric Acid and by adding actual bacon I made it too hard to cookout enough moisture. If anyone is coming through I’ll have a package of em as a gift/thank you

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    pr0wlunwoof Wise words sir!

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  • RE: Slicers

    Chef the 12" we currently sell is made of much heavier material and it has large bars on the front to help lock the meat in place to prevent it from moving too much when you are slicing it. As soon as we got a demo in I took my old one and sold it through our retail store and I’ve been happy as heck with the new 12". Part of the carriage that holds down the meat was changed to plastic but it doesn’t seem to be a problem!

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