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For those who own, or are considering buying a Masterbuilt smoker

  • RE: How To Make Homemade Snack Sticks

    Tex_77 When I do have to refrigerate the seasoned meat overnight I wait till the next day and then add the ECA and some water, mix well then stuff and smoke.

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  • RE: Snack sticks.

    I’ve had that happen, usually with snack sticks or summer sausage as well, usually the flavor develops a little more after a couple days. I have not made the gigawatt sticks but have had them plenty of times as my butcher makes them every now and then and I’ll pick up a couple packs when I see he has them and they always have some heat to them.

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  • Snack sticks.

    Made some venison/pork snack sticks back this last May. Used the Gigawatt hot. After hanging overnight from ice bath… Tried them. Didn’t live up to the name. Thought they were very mild. Packaged and froze.

    Here’s the weird part. Been munching on a package for the last week. They’ve gotten better. Is this even possible? More spicy with heat. My son even commented on this.

    Also noticed this with some brats I made. Being frozen doesn’t make sense.


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  • RE: Brats Casing

    Thanks for the info. I will order some SureGel and clear casing for my next adventure. Looks like 32mm is available for the small orders. Cheers, Dwayne

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  • RE: What did everyone cook today?

    calldoctoday looks like you are going to be eating good for awhile. Never spatchcocked a turkey, always in the Nesco, but I do have some cut up pieces that I want to cure and smoke for later use.

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  • RE: Roll Call (Start Here First)

    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you have a bit of experience and enjoy the knowledge that is available from others on the site. Always something to learn here.

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  • Brats Casing

    I made Philly brats using fresh 30mm collagen casing & hi temp cheese. Added cure & carrot fiber, stuffed and smoked the next day to a 147 internal temperature to be finished either boiling or on the grill. My down fall is the same result as I get with snack sticks, the casing gets tough. Yes I use the 120-140-150-170 step schedule with a water pan & sponge. Even the smoke colored casing seem tougher than ones at the Meat Market. Product is excellent, skin tough. Constructive comments very welcome.

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  • RE: Ice Cream

    Tex_77 actually I would have to agree with Chef it looks like it would be an interesting and tasty combo. My initial thought was hmmm…, strange combo mix, but after reviewing the recipe, I am thinking about giving it a try when I can get some fresh hatch peppers from my brother.

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  • RE: Give Aways

    I see it’s fixed (it’s correctly showing 27 days left now). 😉

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  • RE: Give Aways

    I just entered into the August Giveaway for the first time this month, and it shows 58 days remaining. Is August and September being combined into one drawing?

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