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  • RE: NY deer season is open!

    @PapaSop Awesome, thanks and congrats to your son!

    I used to talk to a guy who owned a processing plant in North Carolina and he said they called them something really crazy based on a competition they had. It had something to do with cooler but I don’t think it was Yeti…do we have any NC hunters here who might be able to help?

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  • RE: Brat Bologna?

    @mark60 Awesome, thanks for letting us know. If you do it again could you try to get a pic of it coming out of the Champion Juicer? Im just curious about it, thanks!

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  • RE: NY deer season is open!

    @PapaSop Pics or it didn’t happen! JK but I would like to see it and I’d like to make a social media posts on meatgistics users deer.

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  • RE: Gamebird Gourmet: Popcorn Pheasant with Red Potatoes

    @craigrice At some point try our Captains Bay, I realize I am biassed but I used to like Old Bay on everything but now I far prefer Captains Bay. Similar, just a little less salty.

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  • RE: Water bath

    @akdave Not sure what your smoker set up is but the best way I have found to increase the humidity in a smoker is with Automotive Sponges. I detail that in this post

    Raising the relative humidity will absolutely decrease your cook times, and it prevents/combats the stall

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  • RE: Brat Bologna?

    @mark60 Good job, those look pretty good for chicken, did you use a binder? My suggestion would be to either use Carrot Fiber which is nice and inexpensive and holds 26 times its weight in water or Sure Gel which is more expensive but it adds some proteins to make the extraction easier and does a better job actually binding everything together, it would probably help fill the tiny voids you had.

    The champion juicer is something that has been brought up on meatgistics before, I am curious, did you find about using that here, somewhere else or did you come up with it on your own?

    Rueben is awesome, you will love that! Even better with some sauerkraut

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  • RE: Gamebird Gourmet: Popcorn Pheasant with Red Potatoes

    I’ll be out of the office next week trying to get a nice stock of them for future Gamebird Gourmet videos. I’ll be at Oak Tree Lodge in South Dakota on what looks to be an awesome hunting experience! If you don’t think I am going to try throwing a line or two after a few of these bad boys then you are crazy!

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  • Gamebird Gourmet: Popcorn Pheasant with Red Potatoes
    Pheasant Greek Orzo Salad

    Popcorn Pheasant with Red Potatoes

    Learn how to make Popcorn Pheasant with Red Potatoes with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Bloody Mary Mix
    Fry in Oil
    Serve with Sauce

    Making the Breading

    To make our breading we are going to add Excalibur’s Bloody Mary Wing shake into some flour. This would be to taste, but we really like the taste of this shaker so we are going to add about 1/3 of the shaker to 3 cups of flour. We are also going to make an egg wash for this so we will whisk 4 eggs in a bowl and add about 1/3 of a cup of water to thin it out a little.

    We are using these 2 lb foil pans foil pans to hold both our flour and our breading. We will start by coating everything in the flour and then moving it over to the egg wash. Make sure you do your best to keep a dry hand and a wet hand here. So right hand handles moving it into and out of the flour, left hand while it is in the egg and on its way back to the flour. We want these to have a nice thick breading so we are going to do them twice and then end with one last dip in the flour.

    Frying the Pheasant

    Now, all you really need to deep fry this type of food is a cast iron skillet, you don’t really need a deep fryer unless you are doing this every day. We have a nice broil king grill here with a side burner so we are doing this outside to make cleanup easier.

    Make sure you choose an oil that has a high enough smoke point to handle this, something like Peanut, vegetable or canola oil. Don’t use olive oil, its smoke point is too low and it will give off a bitter taste. Get your oil up to around 350° and drop your pheasant in, these are small pieces so they are going to be done very quickly, just a few minutes each. You will know that they are done when they are golden brown and floating. We still recommend having a probe thermometer handy though so you can double check.

    Potatoes & Sauces!

    We’ve also been grilling some potatoes as a side since we had the grill out anyway. One great tip for making potatoes on the grill is to place them all on one level on top of some tin foil, then lay more foil over the top of that. Now when you want to flip these half-way through you can just flip the entire piece of foil.

    Now you’ve got a delicious meal and both the popcorn pheasant and the potatoes are perfect for dipping in sauces, so choose your favorite and enjoy! We recommend your favorite mustard, BBQ or try some Sriracha Mayo Garnishing Squeeze

    Shop for Bloody Mary Wing Shake

    Shop for Cooks Choice Better Breader

    Watch WaltonsTV: Gamebird Gourmet: Popcorn Pheasant with Red Potatoes

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  • RE: My next goal...

    @Joe-Hell I’ve had Blutworst and weiss wurst. Had never even heard of leberkaes or kaesekreiner. Looks like kaesekreiner would be the best on that list, sausage filled with cheese usually works well!

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