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  • RE: Aging brisket

    I’d say 30-45 days still isn’t too long. I wouldn’t go much past 45 though.
    As long as it is still in the original vacuum packaging, and the packaging doesn’t start to expand (gas released from the meat), you should be fine wet aging for quite some time. When you open the package, you should notice pretty quickly if it sat too long and spoiled. The odor will be quite foul and noticeable. So, I’d shoot for the 30-45 day mark, and you should be good with that.

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  • RE: This weekend and next week

    @Joe-Hell @Jonathon
    I’m back in charge for a bit! Haha!
    I’ll do my best to respond faster than @Jonathon normally does, but may be slightly slow at times. Everything has to be a competition, right? Everyone can judge how it goes when Jon gets back.

    Have fun @Jonathon, and we do have fire extinguishers on stand-by!


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  • This weekend and next week

    All, I will be out of the office until the 22nd, @Austin will be here but he is time-pressed right now so he won’t be able to monitor it as closely as I normally do. However, if you need something, or see something that needs immediate attention please do what I did above and tag Austin with @Austin which will alert him that something needs his attention.

    Have a good couple of day, don’t burn the place down!

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  • White Crystals or Powder on Jerky

    Meat Fact Friday - White Crystals or Powder on Jerky

    Join us every Friday when we share an interesting and helpful fact about meat or meat processing and how that can effect your product!

    Tender Jerky

    What are the White Crystals on Jerky?

    Most of the time this isn’t really something to worry about as all it is is the salt, sugar or tyrosine which is an amino acid being pushed out of the interior of the meat as the jerky dries. The salt is soluble in the water and oils of the meat so as the water is removed from the meat the salt no longer has anything to be bound up in and it is deposited on the outside of the meat in the form of dry white powder or crystals.

    How to Prevent it from happening

    To prevent this from happening you can make sure that you are using the correct amount of seasoning or salt in your jerky as an overabundance of salt is the main cause of this. Another common reason for this to happen is overdried jerky, so if you are seeing this all of the time try adjusting your drying times.

    Also, you can make sure your jerky is at or below room temperature before packaging it.

    What else could it be?

    Now, there is also a small chance that this could be mold. A good way to make sure it is not mold is to vacuum seal your product after it has been dried, mold needs the presence of oxygen to grow so if you see the white crystals or powder on the surface of the meat while it is vacuum packed you can be assured it is not mold.

    Removing it

    You can wipe it away with a damp towel if the appearance is something that really bothers you. This might be somewhat difficult depending on the level of dryness and texture of your jerky.

    Shop for Sausage Stuffers

    Shop for Meat Slicers

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  • RE: Cooking Steaks on the PK grill with grill grates

    @Darkfish89 you are putting that grill to good use, those look awesome. Does the PK Grill Grates make a huge difference other than the perfect grill marks?

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  • RE: What's the best way to order your products?

    @Ode-Tom Sorry for the confusion, so to make it clear is a subsection of Walton’s Inc. What we attempt to do on meatgistics isn’t necessarily sell things as much as provide the knowledge on how to get the most out of the seasonings/supplies that you buy from Walton’s INc.

    So the easiest way to order products is just to go directly to and using the menu bar (I included an image of that below) to go directly to the section you are looking for. So, if you wanted to purchase some cold phosphate you would hover over the Seasonings section with your cursor, which would then drop down a menu and you would select additives from that list.

    To make these two items simpler though here is the link to Cold Phosphate and here are the Stuffing tube brushes

    Hope this helps, if not let me know!



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  • RE: Chorizo Pork Rinds

    @PapaSop If you ever deep fry stuff that bloody mary is as good as gold to add to your flour for a batter!

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  • RE: How much Jalapeno flakes to use

    @Joe-Hell That’s an interesting idea actually. I wonder if that would make any difference, you have done this?

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  • RE: How much Jalapeno flakes to use

    @North just so everyone see it @AdamCA response is exactly what we would recommend!

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  • RE: Hog dogs

    @Jim-Nowak I used 5 lb of pork shoulder, 5 lb of chuck and one package of beef marrow bones. They were the short kind, about 1-2 inches long each and there are 10 or so in a package. This isnt the exact brand but it is a general idea of what I used.

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