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  • RE: What's your next Meat Project?

    calldoctoday yeah the bacon cure won’t make it taste like bacon. I’d definitely add some chopped and ground bacon if you want to add a bacon flavor to it. Could do that as a fresh or smoked brat still just fine.

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  • RE: What's your next Meat Project?

    I would add sure cure instead of a “complete cure” or some sort of maple bacon cure. Our blue ribbon maple bacon cure is 0.60% nitrite but sure cure is 6.25%. that means the maple bacon cure has a ton of salt and sugar in it. Adding that to your brats will definitely make them too salty because you would be using 10 times more of the “cure” to get the right amount of ingoing nitrites. A long time ago, we sold some sausage seasonings that were designed to be used with a “complete cure” like the maple bacon cure and we had to formulate them with a lot less salt…A LOT less salt. I’d dont think you’ll pick up enough flavor from a complete cure to justify using that over sure cure. Your flavor comes from the brat seasoning and smoke flavor. So, I’d use sure cure (1oz per 25lb batch) and the you don’t have to worry about the small amount of extra salt that would include. Let me know if you have more questions about anything there.

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  • Meatgistics Maintenance

    Tonight around 11 PM EST Meatgistics will be down for around 30 minutes to allow NodeBB to do some maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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  • Meatgistics is Back up

    Hey guys, just FYI there was an issue earlier with Meatgistics. I had NobeBB fix it but it looks like it was unreachable for a while. Also, later this week there will be a 30 minuted maintenance down-time as we are getting pretty close to fill here. Thats a good problem to have!

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  • RE: From Calldoctoday

    nodebbtest Thanks guys! Hopefully, this fixes it. Everyone, please let us know if you keep seeing it.

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  • Meatgistics Podcast: The "G" is Silent
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    Meatgistics Podcast: The "G" is Silent

    Go from Animal to Edible with the Meatgistics Podcast presented by Walton’s Inc. In each episode, Jon and Austin talk about their favorite recipes and share some expert tips and tricks for making sausage, jerky, and snacksticks. Listen in as they have in-depth conversations with meat industry professionals and outdoor/hunting enthusiasts. Stay up to date on the latest news and current trends in the meat industry as we explore everything related to meat and more.

    What we talked about:

    Listen along as Jon and Austin discuss a grabbag of topics. We’ve been gone for a while and wanted to ensure you haven’t forgotten about us. So, here’s the guys sampling a deli favorite, discussing the difference in USDA cuts, and they pose a potential dilemma to dating a vegan. Enjoy!

    Meatgistics Podcast: The “G” is Silent

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