Walton’s 2016 ThanksBlackMonday Sale at WALTONSINC.COM 11/22/2016 to 11/28/2016: Walton’s 2016 ThanksBlackMonday Sale at WALTONSINC.COM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-00rrUTNf4 How It Works New sales start on 3 different days with all sales, coupons, and free shipping ending together on the final sales day of Cyber Monday (November 28, 2016) What’s On Sale? Starting Tuesday, November 22nd: (Ends November 28th, 2016) FREE Shipping On Orders Over $75 FREE Excalibur Steak & Roast Rub on orders over $20 with coupon code TBM16 Walton’s 7lb Single Speed Sausage Stuffer Walton’s 7lb Sausage Stuffer Walton’s 11lb Sausage Stuffer Walton’s 26lb Sausage Stuffer Walton’s 33lb Sausage Stuffer Weston 7.5in Meat Slicer Weston 10-Piece Game Processing Kit Weston 4-Piece Field Knife Set Weston Jerky Gun Junior Weston #5 Electric Meat Grinder Weston Safe Slice Mandolin Slicer Weston 4 Tray Dehydrator Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards Starting Thursday, November 24th: (Ends November 28th, 2016) Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Baskets Walton’s Automatic Syringe Injector Hillbilly Konk BBQ Skylinn’s Sweet Sauce Hillbilly Konk BBQ Kanzas’ Spicy Sauce Flip Up Digital Roasting Thermometer Slimline Digital Waterproof Thermometer Chef’s Choice 120 Knife Sharpener Walton’s Manual Sausage Linker Starting Monday, November 28th: (Ends November 28th, 2016) 5lb High Temp Cheddar Cheese Totally Bamboo Big Easy Cutting Board HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Sriracha Summer Sausage and Snack Stick Seasoning Bleu Cheese and Apple Summer Sausage and Snack Stick Seasoning Bloody Mary Jerky Seasoning 19mm Collagen Casings 3-Packs Walton’s 26lb Electric Sausage Stuffer Coupons and Savings Use coupon code TBM16 at waltonsinc.com to receive 1 FREE Excalibur Steak & Roast Rub Shaker. Valid until 11/28/2016. Subscribe to Meatgistics Make sure you click that green Watch button on each category on the Meatgistics website, especially the Walton’s Blog section, to be notified of new posts from the community, from Walton’s, when we release new videos, and be the first to know of any giveaways, deals, coupons, and sales we having going on at waltonsinc.com. Subscribe to WaltonsTV Go to WaltonsTV and subscribe to stay up to date and be the first to see what’s new with Meatgistics and find news, recipes, and product reviews from Walton’s. Summary Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time of the year again and it’s time for Walton’s annual ThanksBlackMonday sale! Some of Walton’s Biggest sales of the year are finally here! Walton’s ThanksBlackMonday Sale is back and better than ever! We will have three different start dates for different sales, but all of the sales will end on the same day, November 28th. Watch the video above to see all of our deals and then visit WALTONSINC.COM to save money! In addition to great prices, you will have the opportunity to get some amazing items for FREE! Thanks (Thanksgiving): November 22nd-28th Black (Black Friday): November 24th- 28th Monday (Cyber Monday) November 28th Only!!