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  • OK, made my second test batch of venison dogs today. Again 80V/20BF. The new stuff tube from waltons worked like magic! Used binder, excalib dog mix, cure, smoked meat stabilizer, high temp cheese, and stayed away from smoker this time and did a water bath only. Had a terrible “fat out” i think it is called. Product is a little dry but flavor is awesome. Also did not use the juicer this time. Lazy got the better of me.

    Can anyone give some insight as to the water bath cooking method for dogs? I didnt gradually up the temp like I do in the smoker. I put the dogs in water on stove top in stock pot. Used thermometer to monitor, took water to 175 and held until dogs hit 160degF. Then removed to ice water bath. When I peeled them, they were encapsulated in a layer of fat. Quite a mess to finish off a great stuffing session.

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    @smokinbubba What you are describing sounds exactly like “fatting out” to me. It rendered out of the product and then was trapped between the meat and the casing. Usually when you have fatting out it is a sign of not enough protein extraction and the meat fat and additives did not bind together.

    You can start at lower temperature and see if that helps you. I’d always recommend that you step up the thermal processing (however you are doing it) in 10-20 degree increments, im not sure that this would have solved your issue but it would certainly be better all around product!

  • Next time, i will use my meat mixer. This time i used the kitchen aid since it was only a 5lb test batch. I mixed for 8min and the meat was extremely sticky so i thought i had the pe right. I know the meat mixer does a better job and im sure the juicer would have made a difference. Its a work in progress. It took me a lot of years to perfect my venison trail bologna. I will eventually get it. Hopefully before i run out of meat! Really wishing Ohio had moose! Thanks for the reply

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