• I have some deer and elk meat that i am wanting to make into snack sticks. I just butchered my 3 pigs and have a lot of back fat that i want to use. What % of fat do you guys recommend using in wild game snacks ticks?

  • jrvalach
    Use at least 20% fat to lean ratio! 80/20

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    jrvalach It somewhat depends on what you are making but for snack sticks somewhere in the 70-30 to 80-20 range is going to give you good results. When mixing in pork fat to wild game a good time to do is in between grinds, so grind your lean once through a 3/16th or a 3/8 plate if you would rather, then start adding that back fat during the second grind. Our previous store manager made some sticks that he combined Elk, Deer and pork and they were delicious! I think he just used the Willies and added Cheddar cheese but the flavor of the meat really stood out. it is a shame that we can’t buy elk meat in the grocery store. Or, if you can it is farm raised stuff from another country.

  • I just made two batches this past weekend, used 20 lbs of lean venison, 5 lbs of bacon ends and 5 lbs of high temp cheese in both. Turned out great.

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    jboz51 5 lbs of cheese to 25 lb of meat! You do like it cheesy! That is Austin level of cheese madness, I like going with 2 lb per 25 lb batch, so you more than doubled what I would do. I wonder what that would be like with the ghost pepper cheese?

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