Snack sticks lack of flavor from seasoning

  • Made a batch of Buffalo Blue cheese snack sticks, reallly can’t taste any buffalo or blue cheese kind of disappointed I used citric acid
    Seems to me that the citric acid must overpower the seasoning. Does anyone have the same opinion?

  • Chicovt Hey Chico !! Wow , l’ve only used the citric acid once , and yes the “twang” was definitely detectable . Mainly l’ve gotten into the ritual of doing all my prep in the evening and allowing my snack sticks to rest about 12 hours prior to smoking so the acid isn’t necessary. If you enjoy a BOLD flavored snack stick as l do l highly recommend the " Tex/Mex " !!

  • Rusty thanks for the tip I’m gonna scratch the citric acid next time and let the cure work with less tang from the citric
    I’ll have to try the texmex next time
    Are you using a binder?

  • Chicovt I only used a binder the very first time l made snack sticks , l will typically stuff 19mm , 23mm , 32mm , and 1 1/2" all in one batch using only a 12mm tube . I experiment with something different almost every time l stuff n smoke . I DO ALWAYS grind mix/season and stuff as my prep procedure then allow the stuffed products to rest in stuffed form for about 12 hours refrigerated , good luck Chico !!

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