Binders, Mixers and Swiss Army Knives

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    Weekly Blog Post - Binders, Mixers and Swiss Army Knives

    Find out what's going on at Walton's and Meatgistics this week. We will have a loose schedule for soon to be released videos, what we are working on long-term and maybe a few quick tips and tricks that are on our mind!

    What Videos are being released soon?

    Meat Processing Equipment 203: Mixer Maintenance - In this video, we go over how the standard retail meat mixer works, plus full instructions on how to breakdown, clean and reassemble them.

    Seasoning & Additives 202: High-Temp Cheese - We show what happens when you use high temp cheese vs when you use regular cheese in a bratwurst. We also go over some recommendations on when to use what flavor.

    What Projects are we looking ahead at?

    Seasonings & Additives 203: Binders - We made up a few batches of snack sticks using Super Bind, Carrot Fiber, Sure Gel, Soy Protein Blend and a control group that we used no binders in. We monitored product loss and the consistency of the product and will be making a video with our results.

    Seasonings & Additives 203: The Science of Nitrite - We are going to do a quick dive into the history of using Nitrite & Nitrate to cure meat and then a deeper dive into the science and functions of Nitrite in curing meats.

    What’s on our Mind?

    Is there some dishonesty going on when cured meat products are being promoted as “Natural” or “No Nitrites Added”? It’s almost impossible to go to a grocery store and look at the Hot Dogs and not see some that have an All-Natural or Nitrite Free label on them. Most of them will also have this “Other than Those Nitrites Occurring in Nature” and this is where there could be some confusion. 95% of the nitrites Americans take in are from Vegetables or drinking water not cured meat. Why do you think they use Celery Juice Powder as a “Natural” cure? It is because the celery pulls the nitrite from the soil and it resides in the plant, so is there really any difference if you are getting them from Ham or from Celery? I am fascinated by this entire category of meat processing and we will be having a few of the Meatgistics University “Classes” on this subject.

    Noteworthy Recent Posts

    Newbe asked a question about Double Freezing Meat that I think more people have in the back of their minds. This has some good information in it, a few people (@lamurscrappy) had some very good points on this.

    Meatgistics Community

    Our little community continues to grow at a steady rate. In the past 7 days we have had;
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    New Products

    We have the replacement springs for the Automatic Syringe Injector online now. The one that is thicker on one end than the other can be found Here and the one that is the same thickness throughout can be found Here. The one that is the same size on both ends is the spring that is in the nozzle that the solution is pumped into the syringe, the one that is larger on one end than the other goes into the injection nozzle where the solution is pumped out of the syringe and into the meat.

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    You guys got a great job! Im pretty passionate about this kinda stuff. I enjoy it a lot and love doing R and D stuff! Keep up the fun work!

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