victorinox 8 1/4 precise slicing knife

  • I conducted an experiment this weekend. I took a pork loin and used about 15 pounds of water, 1 oz celery juice powder, 3 ounces bacon taste booster, and 2.5 pounds all natural ham and bacon cure. I mixed all ingredients and injected into a pork loin that was about 11 pounds. I then placed the loin and the remaining liquid in a stark bucket lindr and left it over night in the fridge. I smoked it on Sunday using the following 30 minutes at 120 30 at 125 30 at 140 and then at 180 until the internal temp was 158. The product was extremely salty so I soaked in ice water for about an hour. It turned out like seasoning ham. Probably will use in beans or peas. Next time I will use the maple cure as John did. I was really concerned about the maple in that cure. I probably could go with 2 pounds or less of the all natural cure but I didn’t care for having to deal with the celery juice powder. I didn’t see it on Waltons site except for in a fize pound bag. I purchased else where and it was just one big clumpy mess all sticky and stuck together. I sliced the loin into small pieces and used the vacmaster vp112s to seal in quart bags. ALl was a success because while the product is salty it is useable and I did learn a lot from this adventure. Nothing makes me happier than processing meats. I really wish I could find a job doing this after.

    Looking to see if anyone uses the above knife. I would like to know if this would work for slicing bacon. I’m ok with thick slices but want them to be unifrom. Just isn’t that much of a demand for a totally blind meat processor. (no joke)

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    gerygaub That’s great, I am glad you tried it! What was the loin before you injected it? It is possible that you injected too much into it? Did you rinse it after holding it overnight? As for Celery Juice Powder, clumping is absolutely an issue with it, which is one of the reasons I am not a huge fan of it. All natural seasonings are good for what they are but they do bring a host of problems with them!

    As for the precise slice I have used it a few times and my only complaint would be that it has a tendency to cut thinner as you get towards the tip of the support. The blade is nice and sharp though and it is easy to adjust. As you know it is designed for use by right-handed people.

    Anyone else have thoughts?

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