Bratwurst Apple Butter

  • Does anyone out there have a good bratwurst apple butter recipe?

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    @kevine Can you explain what you are wanting a little more? Are you saying to use apple butter to make bratwurst or do you want an apple butter flavored bratwurst? It sounds interesting but I cannot see exactly what you are thinking.

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    I can’t seem to find any recipes that would specifically link Apple Butter and Bratwurst but a good place to start would be the Apple Bratwurst seasoning. I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t use additional apple butter to boost the apple characteristic in a fresh sausage.

  • I’m basically looking for the apple butter flavor. If you add apple butter to the sausage would it affect the texture of the sausage? Would you add actual apple butter, just the seasoning, or apple butter paste to create the apple butter profile?
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    @kevine I would recommend starting with the Apple bratwurst seasoning and go from there. I don’t know how it compares to your idea of apple butter but I’m sure it’s a start. If it has all the apple but lacks the seasoning just add a little and see what happens. You would have to add a significant amount of the butter itself to effect texture. Start with one pound of ground pork and add a quarter cup of butter…fry up a patty in a pan and evaluate. Pork and apple are such a natural pairing that you will stumble on something sooner than later

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    @kevine might want to try a liquid butter to keep the creamy texture and use a apple pie spice blend.

  • Thank you, I will post results and process.

  • @jonathon
    I was looking for the spice profile of apple butter flavoring.

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    @kevine Okay that makes a little more sense! It obviously has a lot of sugar in it, most seem to include cinnamon as well, nutmeg, All spice and cloves. Now that I am typing out those ingredients they sound like a good mix for a sausage don’t they? Would obviously have to add a lot of salt to aid in protein extraction and to increase the taste of the other ingredients in the meat but one of my favorite seasonings is the Apple Bratwurst so this might end up being very tasty!

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