• Made my first batch of venison brats using Jerrys brat seasoning yesterday and they turned out great. A little bit of tweaking on amounts and they will be out of this world. I made 15 lbs. half of which were with hi temp cheddar and half had the cheddar and some jalapenos. I do have one question though. What do you guys use for adding jalapenos to a sausage? The little cans I bought were convenient but the taste didn’t come through on the final product very well. In fact you couldn’t even taste them.

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    hinoon I would recommend using either dried or fresh peppers. Dried peppers should be rehydrated with any liquid (beer, wine, water, broth) and fresh should be diced small and sweated for a few minutes in a fry pan. I add fresh/cooked peppers with my second grind. You can also mix in by hand. Waltons Jalapeno patty mix may boost the flavor but would also add salt so you would want to keep that in mind.

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    hinoon I agree with Joe Hell on using either fresh or dehydrated. The Dehydrated Jalapeno Pepper Flakes work great. One of the most disappointing things is that the pickled taste of jalapenos (which I love) just won’t come through in a sausage, in fact, it could denature the protein right around the jalapeno chunks in the sausage!

  • Is there a good way to judge when I have a 70/30 lean to fat ratio?

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    silver721 A pork butt with the fat cap will almost always be in the 70/30 range, without the fat cap it is depressingly lean. As for a way to accurately test it you need a fat analyzer like the FA73 and as you can see they are fairly expensive.

    The only way I can think to do it would be to weigh everything then render the fat at low(ish) temperature and weigh the fat. Obviously, the meat is useless to you at this point though so that is less than ideal! Anyone have any other ideas?

  • Sight and taste. It is all about your taste. Fat is flavor, so use a visual sight of what you would think 70% out of a PIE would be for meat. Now that is a rough explanation with very little science. How’s that? It is all about experimentation anyway!! I keep a note book and photos all the time for going back to recreate…since a lot of times i get lazy on righting recipes down.

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