• I have some smaller amounts of deer, elk and moose form the last couple years. Is it ok to mix them all together to make one batch?

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Green Mountain Grill Masterbuilt

    Absolutely you can do that, just make sure you add some fat to the mix as those are all pretty lean meats. One of the guys here made some snack sticks doing basically the same thing except his was deer, elk and I think antelope. He used the Willie’s snack stick seasoning and they turned out pretty tasty.

  • @boudreaux Thank you. I am going to make summer sausage out of it with spices I got from Walton’s. It is my first try, so any helpful tips would be great.

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Green Mountain Grill Masterbuilt

    ttinidaho The main thing you need to worry about in my opinion is making sure you get good Protein extraction. Without that you will definitely be disappointed with the final product. I use the 20 lb meat mixer that we sell at Walton’s and mix for about 10-11 minutes changing direction about every minute or so to ensure I’m mixing the meat well. I’d recommend using a meat binder like Carrot fiber or Super Bind (kinda expensive) or Sure Gel. The only one of those I haven’t used yet is the Sure Gel but all three are great products. Also another popular product for summer sausage and snack sticks is Encapsulated Citric Acid, which is going to do a couple things for you. One is it acts as a cure accelerator and the other is it lowers the PH of the meat which will give you the “tangy” flavor associated with summer sausage. If you aren’t worried about speeding up the process and don’t want the tangy flavor then you can skip adding that and just hold the meat at least 12 hrs prior to cooking. Hope all this helps and good luck!

  • @boudreaux I have your carrot fiber,how much per pound? And will it make the meat difficult coming out of the stuffer?

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Green Mountain Grill Masterbuilt

    skipdiggidy 4 oz per 25 lbs of meat. No more difficult than without it, just make sure you add enough water.

  • @boudreaux thank you,I’m going to try some of the Reuben sausage mix,has anyone added cheese to it before smoking it?

  • Team Blue

    skipdiggidy Yes! IMO cheese is a necessary component for a Reuben sandwich or sausage. I didn’t use the Reuben seasoning when I made mine but used the swiss high temp cheese, a 20% portion of ground corned beef, some homemade sauerkraut and a light sprinkling of caraway seeds. They were fantastic!!! I am not your average Reuben lover…I am a connoisseur.

  • ttinidaho Hey Idaho !! Wow , you’re a lucky individual !! I make all my sausage and snack sticks from deer meat , and l use a combination of added fat. I start with 1 each Boston Butt (3-4#) per 10# of meat then add the proportion of beef fat for the original 10# of venison . I have had all 3 meats and would certainly mix them together myself !! Have fun , good luck !!

  • Thanks everyone, I ordered everything from Walton’s, so I got the Sure Gel and Citric Acid, as well as some cure and the high temp cheeses, cheddar and hot pepper.

  • Rusty Thanks Rusty, Yes I am, I love living in Idaho, we have some great hunting opportunities, and lots of public land.

  • ttinidaho That’s GREAT !! I am happy for you !! I only used the citric acid the very first time I ever made snack sticks . I usually make a batch from 12-18# and with my equipment it takes about 3 hours start to finish and with the citric acid you need to begin your cure immediately after stuffing which makes for quite a long day and also the citric acid added quite a " TWANG" to that first batch . I found it works better to do my complete processing the night before smoking and here in Florida l allow the product to rest in the fridge overnight………

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