finishing summer sasuage with sous vide cooking kind of.

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    I’m thinking of trying this for first time. Was going to start in smoker till 140 internal then move to 170 deg. water using a deep turkey fryer. Do I need to vacuum seal the fibrous casings 3"x 20"? or just drop them in the hot water till internal 160, will be using Walton’s Jap. season. and recipe. I remember the last batch took a long time to cook just in smoker. If you don’t use water is it necessary to put any small pin holes in these casings? I thought I read this on a blog some time in the past, but have never done it I don’t think.

  • I have done this before using a roaster. I put the sausage right in the water. Then brought to internal temperature i wanted.
    Saves alot of time. And sausage come out good.

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    tarp, Almost all of the fibrous casings already come “pre-stuck” so they already have the holes in them. The holes allow some pressure to bleed out and they help the casing form to the sausage during the cooking and cooling process.

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    Great! I was thinking they were pre stuck. My memory is good but
    Also thanks Roadster.

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