• Hello all,
    This is my first time at making bratwurst. I am using the 32mm collagen casings. I looked at the video, and am trying to roll then into links. The issue is they burst when I roll them. Any thoughts on why? I am guessing the casings are too full. Without, re-stuffing, how can I savage this batch. It’s a 3lb batch.

  • Team Blue

    Overstuffed. They shouldn’t be quite so stuffed prior to linking. When you go to cook them poke several holes and go low and slow or you will really see some bursting!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    bill k Yes, they are overstuffed if they are bursting like that. My first recommendation would be to put them in the freezer for a 20-30 minutes and then just cut them instead of twisting them, you will get some “bulbing” on the ends when you are cooking them but it’s better than having them burst while twisting them. The other idea would be to twist them and after they pop push some of the meat out of the casings and then twist the ends that are now understuffed. You could make a patty out of what has come out of the casings as a bonus.

    This is why slightly understuffing is what I do, if I want them tighter I can always twist them a few more times to tighten them up!

  • Joe Hell
    Thanks Joe!
    That’s what I thought…

  • Team Orange

    Jonathon we had some issues with brats bursting in the vacuum chamber, would placing them in the freezer for a little while also cure this?

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Big DLD Freezing brats before vacuum sealing them is something I do every time, it prevents them from being deformed by the vacuuming process and I imagine it would also fix them bursting. That’s a really interesting problem though, so they are bursting like they would if they were overstuffed and twisted, or is it another way? I can see them bursting from all the air being removed and the meat expanding but I have never seen it happen.

  • Team Orange

    Jonathon some of it was overstuffing at first. then we adjusted our stuffing method . I was doing the twisting and not the vacuum sealing this time , so not exactly sure what was going on with the settings. we were using pre-tubed hog casings, for what its worth. I did notice some casings would expand and pull away form the meat before the vacuum cycle. towards the end we got it dialed in, so about one brat out of six would burst on every other or third package, compared to every package.
    we do things pretty big, for our little group. 125# of brats and 175# breakfast sausage that day.

  • Team Blue PK100 Power User

    Freezing before chamber vac is a necessity. I got some used sheet trays from a restaurant supply house for $3 each. They also had precut parchment paper liners so the meat comes right off once they freeze. Works awesome!!!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Big DLD That is a pretty good amount to do at once for sure! I’ve never seen the casings start to pull away from the casing but I’ve never vacuumed fresh unfrozen brats…now I sort of want to so I can see if it is the same thing?

  • Team Blue PK100 Power User

    I’ve never seen that either, they just get smashed down with the vacuum hits especially in the chamber vacs.

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