Brine with Sure Cure #2, too long?

  • I created a brine and do not know if the protein says too long in the wet cure/ brine is a bad thing.
    The brine is 1 gallon filtered water, 1 cup non iodized sea salt, 2 cups lite brown sugar, .4oz Ca. Ham Spice, 1 Tbsp. Pink Sure Cure #2, 1Tbsp. ground Black Pepper and 1 Tbsp. Granulated Garlic.

    Can I brine it too long? I can soak off the salt and adjust the time for future runs, but my concern is too much cure in product, is that a bad thing and is the amount of Cure to water ratio too strong or correct?


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    JSmokedfoods I won’t be much help here as we don’t really deal with #2 Cure. 1 TBSPN per gallon seems very low to me but I might be wrong there. It is possible to leave it in too long but that is less of a concern with #2 as it contains Nitrates as well as Nitrites. The Nitrates break down into nitrites so you will have some right away and some for later.

  • It meant PINK SURE CURE not #2, sorry about that.
    Is there an amount that I can add to 50Lbs. of salt and them use it freely in a rub to cure pork belly?
    What amount should I use for 1 gallon of water?
    If I add too much cure and keep the protein in it too long, is it harmful or bad, what is the outcome?

    Thank you,


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