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  • Does anyone do DRY Cured meats and if they do? has anyone used a larding needle to put some fat inside some larger pieces of meat to create some extra fat ( FLAVOR) Inside of your DRY Cured meats. I Just purchased one and I will be experimenting, but wanted to know if anyone has done this at all and how did it turn out? I love dry curing meat!

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    @demmerich I can’t help you out here really, I think @Parksider has some experience with his George Washington Jerky which I believe is a dried style sausage.

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    @demmerich Yes I do a dry brine, cured and cold smoked. I’ve never done any needling though. Here’s a pic. This has been a favorite over decades, shelf stable, we always kept it in the cold cellar. No we vacuum seal with the moisture wicks and keep in the freezer for long term storage. These just came out of the smoker and need to rest a few days before they hit the slicer.

    0_1549048814490_GW jerky.jpg

  • @demmerich I have not dry cured any meat but am interested in trying. I have used a larding needle for the last two years. Bought several to threat spears of thick cut bacon into my deer roast and deer steaks. The bacon changes the flavor for the better and the steaks in particular are more tender. The procedure is not that easy. I will write a separate post on how to do it and will include some photos. Bottom line, try it, I bought
    My needles for under $10.

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    I’m considering turning the majority of my basement into a space for meat curing and cheese aging because I’m a bachelor and I can. Lol

  • @demmerich Had a friend had a recipe that he made a brine by stirring salt into water in a crock until it would float a couple of raw eggs. Then brine the meat chunks for 3 weeks. Then smoke for around 8 hours. After that just hang and let dry. Depending on the size chunks this can take up to 4 weeks. After it is pretty firm slice it really thin. It is salty but good.

  • Also, I’m thinking you probably wouldn’t want to inject fat in this kind of dried meat. Kind of like jerky and might not turn out the best in the end product.

  • @parksider What is your recipe and procedure?

  • @doc_craig with Dry Cured meats, most is usually pork because the fat is much better then beef fat. That’s why I want to inject the PORK fat into a large loin…“Lomo” and see if I get some good results like a Copa.

  • @demmerich I just started curing meat and have only done soppersatta so far not any whole muscle. I haven’t seen injecting lard in any of the things i have read though. I am going to try making lomo after capicola. Let me know how it turns out if you end up doing that.

  • @Joe-Hell i like the last part…cuz I am a Bachelor and I can. I am in the process of making a cantina room in my basement off a window well so I can add a AC to adjust to whatever Temps I want or need it for.

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