Sweet Lebanon Bologna Recipe

  • Coming to Wichita East store in the morning. Wanted to try to Lebanon Bologna, but really want a Sweet Lebanon taste. Do you have an idea of how much sugar to add to the recipe? Brown, white, or dextrose? I guess this question is not a 911, but would like to know if I need to pick up anything while in Wichita in the morning. Thanks.

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    mcherbies Absolutely not a 911, how DARE YOU! Obviously, I am kidding. I’d probably go with Regular Sugar but it is going to take some test batches to get it just right as sweetness is subjective to each person. Also, Lebanon Bologna’s second ingredient is already sugar so I would say that it already has some sweetness to it. The times I have made it in the past I have always added X-tra Hot Red Pepper to cut the sweetness a little…honestly I think your best bet would be to make a small batch without adding any sugar and then go from there, good luck and we will see you tomorrow!

  • Made two batches today. 5 lbs in each batch. 4 lbs of deer and 1 lb of pork. On one batch I used 1/4 cup of sugar. Stuffed them into the big 4.6’’ red casings. Will smoke them in a couple of days. Also made some salami that will need to be smoked. Thanks for the quick response.

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    mcherbies No worries, glad you got everything and tired it in two batches, I have a feeling you will be happy with the both of them, 1/4 cup is a good amount for a 5 lb batch. it’s not going to be overpowering but you will know it is there!

  • mcherbies How did the bologna turn out? I would love to add some sugar as well… Not sure how much.

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