how to keep potato sausage from turning gray

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    @kelly I assume you are using sure cure? If not, then that is step 1 for sure. Then you can make sure you are using cold cold water, leave potatoes in their whole form and in the fridge until you are ready for them. I’m not sure how the cure works on all vegetables but I do know that we can take something like a radish, cure it and turn it red so I can’t imagine potatoes would be any different… Let me do some experimenting here and I will see, might take some time though!

  • Can you post your recipe for Potato Sausage? I never even heard of this. Thanks!

  • I’ve been eating and making Swedish potato bologna (AKA Potato Sausage) my whole life. It’s eaten every Thanksgiving and Christmas where I grew up in Nebraska.

    The starch, as you probably know, is what is making the potatoes turn off colors.

    When making potato bologna I start by mincing the potatoes. I use my Hobart Buffalo chopper to do this, don’t grind them. If you don’t have a bowl chopper just dice them by hand (1/8”-1/4” size). Once I get the taters chopped to the proper coarseness I par boil them. After this it’s important to rinse them under cold flowing water. This stops the potatoes from over cooking and removes much of the starch.

    From here proceed with your sausage recipe by adding your meat grind mixture and stuff into casings.

    Doing this will give you a delicious, eye appealing potato sausage with perfect potatoes.

    If you’re wanting my Sweedish Potato Bologna recipe just let me know.

  • I would like to have a recipe for Potato Sausage is anyone is willing to post their recipe.

  • thanks for responding so fast i’m new at this first time user. no jonathon i haven’t used any sure cure not sure if i should try that or try par boiling them like peculiard said. peculiard do you grind the potatoes after you par boil them or just mix and stuff ? hears my recipe for who ever wants to try it. 3 lbs lean beef or venison 1 lb pork 3 med. apples 1 lb onions 6 lbs potatoes 2 tlb salt 1 larg tsp pepper 1 tsp ginger 1/2 tsp allspice 1/2 tsp nutmeg a shake of sage 1 stalk of celery grind mix and stuff makes about 16 rings

  • peculiarb i woul like to try your recipe thanks. i have another recipe its the same as the last you just don’t add the ginger nutmeg or sage (but you add 8 oz of powdered milk)

  • My family’s Sweedish smorgasbord Potato Bologna:

    5lbs pork, ground
    5lbs beef, ground
    5lbs finely chopped potatoes
    2 tbsp pepper
    6 tbsp salt
    1 onion
    (Optional) 2 tsp of insta cure #1

    Par boil/cold rinse your potatoes. Then mix ingredients well and press into casings. Makes 8 (24”) sausages.

  • *I just shared this post with my Dad… he mentioned that flash freezing the sausage when done making it also prevents the potatoes from turning dark.

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    @peculiarb This isn’t necessarily for bologna but it can be used and just change the seasoning.

    Meat Block : 18 lb pork butts
    Additive: 7 lb frozen french fries or hash browns
    Ice/Water: 12 oz
    Seasoning: Seasoning of your choice
    Process: Grind all meat through 3/16th plate, then grind half of what you just ground through a 1/16 plate. Add seasoning, water and mix for 3 minutes. Grind Potatoes through 3/16 plate once then mix in the potatoes and mix for a few more minutes.
    Casings: Stuff into 30-32mm Hog Casings.

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