Precooked Breakfast Sausage Links

  • I’ve been making Precooked Breakfast Sausage Links using 19mm collagen casings and #147 Breakfast sausage seasoning. They are terrific but I’m having trouble with the precooking. The last batch I Parboiled for 5 minutes but that was too much since it rendered the fat that came out into the boiling water. That left the sausages a little dry, needing the fat I lost to the boiling water.
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    @ewspears Sous Vide methods could be a good way to go.

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    @ewspears @Joe-Hell and I apply the same method in different ways. The key is keeping the water close to 170F and no fatting out the sausage. If you have a biotherm with a long cord them just put it in a sausage so you can see the temp without having to pull it out and check it. I’m a multi-purpose guy, so i have a few BBQ thermometers so i can monitor temp remotely and that’s what i use in the sausage while in the water bath. I also just use my turkey fryer pot with the basket so i can remove them quickly and shower in cold water-works great!

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    @parksider I haven’t put my Sous Vide setup to use yet but I’m looking forward to it!

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    @parksider Like @Parksider is saying, make sure you keep it under boiling. 170 SEEMS to be the best temperature at this point. Also, Collagen Casings might struggle with being put directly into the water as they aren’t designed for that, you could either use a different casing or you can vac pack them before putting them in the water. I guess you could actually also put them in just a zip lock back with all the air forced out as well?

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