Tender Jerky Without a Tumbler & Another Live Stream

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    Weekly Blog Post - Tender Jerky Without a Tumbler & Another Live Stream

    Find out what's going on at Walton's and Meatgistics this week. We will have a loose schedule for soon to be released videos, what we are working on long-term and maybe a few quick tips and tricks that are on our mind!

    What Videos are being released soon?

    Making Tender Jerky With Home Equipment - I was doing some testing using glycerin instead of extra sugar to make tender jerky.
    Parksider mentioned that we were lucky to have a vacuum tumbler and most home people don’t. So I did some playing around with ways to try this without a vacuum tumbler or any other commercial pieces of equipment. I tried 3 different methods and 1 of them was clearly better than the other 2.

    Cured Sausage 204: Using Different Diameters - We will release this video today or tomorrow. It goes over what different diameters of snack sticks and summer sausages can do for you, or what problems they might present.

    Cured Sausage 205 Advanced Thermal Processing - This will be released Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I am very excited about this video, it has some great information on relative humidity and some unique ways of increasing that in your smoker. We also touch on finishing up your product in water to avoid having to fight with the “stall”.

    Cured Sausage 206 Advanced Cured Sausage Processing - We will release this either Friday or Monday. We take all the lessons we have used in the earlier stages of this “class” and put it all together to make some excellent Snack Sticks, Summer Sausages and Smoked Sausages.

    What Projects are we looking ahead at?

    We are going to be working on the Seasoning and Additives 20(x) series for the next few weeks. We’ve already released the Deer & Wild Game Rinse video which was the 201 but we will be talking about High Temp Cheese, Binders, the science of Sure Cure and Less Common Additives in this series.

    What’s on our Mind?

    We are looking at doing another Live Stream at the end of this month, probably on the 28th or the 1st so that we can draw a winner live as has been suggested here a few times. We will also be taking questions and trying to provide answers and we might even talk about the March Sales and Giveaway.

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    Victorinox 8in Bread Wood Handle Knife - Victorinox makes some of the best knives in the business. The knife has 8in Serrated Blade to give you extra slicing power! The Rosewood handle is easy to clean but still provides a secure and comfortable grip. They are made from high carbon no-stain steel so they hold an edge well and can maintain a razor sharp edge.

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