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  • Would using and what’s your recommendation on using food grade small Desiccant packets added into snack stick vacuum sealed bags to help maintain the dryness of the sticks over a longer time in the freezer?

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    loadpin It is my understanding that desiccant packets are for dry food and are not approved for “wet” food, which meat would qualify as. I could be wrong here but I am pretty sure that is correct. lamurscrappy Do you guys do anything with this?

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    loadpin dessicants in a vacuum sealed container in the freezer is really not going to do anything at all and would cause more problems. They are made with a cloth material and that material will get saturated with water/fat from the snack sticks and will end up rupturing when removing removing unthawed snack sticks from container. You do not want to use dessicants in that fashion and they really would not do anything for that anyways. If you vacuum seal your snack sticks real tight they should be great to eat without too much change in moisture for a few years. Many years ago i had dessicants and actually did this very thing for R and D and they dont work.
    What really are you going for?

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