Big Elk Down

  • Just put the hammer down in this big boy.

    My fav is Willies sticks from Excalibur. I like to add hi-temp pepper jack and sure gel. Smoke them with pecan wood till then hit 160 internal temp. Also Jalepeno summer sausage . I used a few 32mm collegen casings instead of fibrous and they turned up great as well.

    1_1477456731720_image.jpeg 0_1477456731719_image.jpeg

    ![alt text]((/uploads/files/147745585080_1477455918230_image.jpeg 77-image.jpeg) image

    1_1477456164297_image.jpeg 0_1477456164292_image.jpeg

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    @Jnar4 That is one nice Elk! Where did you take him down at?
    Pictures look great, and I’m sure the sausages taste even better!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • @Austin Got him In Colorado. My first trip ever out West . As excited as I was for the trophy I immediately started thinking about all the meat I was bringing home to GA.

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  • Sounds and looks great. Will be saving this one.👍

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    I have made about 5 batches of summer sausage and have followed the videos, I purchased a 20 pound mixer, soak the casings, using the clear casings, stuff the casings, etc. The casings are not sticking to the meat. They look good until I shower them and let them cool, then they become very loose. I am using a cookshack smoker and it only has a quarter size hole in the top to let out moisture. Could the humidity be to high to let the casings adhere to the meat? I am using the temps per the summer sausage video. The sausage tastes fine, just trying to figure why this is happening.

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    Thanks im just doing it for home hobby

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  • @loadpin dessicants in a vacuum sealed container in the freezer is really not going to do anything at all and would cause more problems. They are made with a cloth material and that material will get saturated with water/fat from the snack sticks and will end up rupturing when removing removing unthawed snack sticks from container. You do not want to use dessicants in that fashion and they really would not do anything for that anyways. If you vacuum seal your snack sticks real tight they should be great to eat without too much change in moisture for a few years. Many years ago i had dessicants and actually did this very thing for R and D and they dont work.
    What really are you going for?

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  • @tim-salois It is just an optional additive you do not need to use it but using it is going to increase your water holding capacity. This means it is going to give you a juicier (and better in our mind) product. If you are a commercial processor than you should absolutely be using it to increase your final yield.

    Just be sure not to add too much as it can affect the taste if you go above the 2 oz for 25 lb of meat ratio.

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  • @jonathon ok thanks

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