Big Elk Down

  • Just put the hammer down in this big boy.

    My fav is Willies sticks from Excalibur. I like to add hi-temp pepper jack and sure gel. Smoke them with pecan wood till then hit 160 internal temp. Also Jalepeno summer sausage . I used a few 32mm collegen casings instead of fibrous and they turned up great as well.

    1_1477456731720_image.jpeg 0_1477456731719_image.jpeg

    ![alt text]((/uploads/files/147745585080_1477455918230_image.jpeg 77-image.jpeg) image

    1_1477456164297_image.jpeg 0_1477456164292_image.jpeg

  • Admin

    @Jnar4 That is one nice Elk! Where did you take him down at?
    Pictures look great, and I’m sure the sausages taste even better!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • @Austin Got him In Colorado. My first trip ever out West . As excited as I was for the trophy I immediately started thinking about all the meat I was bringing home to GA.

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