• OK here we go. My questions.
    -If making fresh sausage (gonna freeze immediately) i don"t want to use any sure cure?
    -If gonna smoke immediately after making sausage, use sure cure and add an accelerator. (ie: ECA or Sodium Erythorbate)
    -Can I smoke the sausage/kielbasa (with cure) for 2-3 hours for the smoke flavor and then cold bath and freeze if I do not want to cook it entirely? Or should it be cooked through?

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    Yardapes11 What @Boudreaux says on the first two points are correct. For the 3rd question, there are a few issues with doing it the way you are thinking. First, if you smoke it under 40° no smoke is going to adhere, so cold smoking would be sort of pointless here and if you spend a few hours smoking it and don’t get it to 160° then you run the risk of having high amounts of bacteria in your sausage. A cure would help with that but then it is not a fresh product any longer so that defeats the purpose.

    What I would do is instead of trying to smoke it I would add Hickory Smoke Powder and just freeze it after processing it. The hickory smoke powder does a good job (in my mind at least) of mimicking the smoke that natural smoking would give a product. It is pretty strong though, so if you are wanting a light smoke I would use about half the recommended amount.

    Hope it helped!

  • Jonathon and @Boudreaux. Thanks for the input. I was basically looking for a way to have some fresh sausage with smoke flavor and be able to cook afterwards on grill or crock pot. Never gave much thought that the cure would also defeat this plan. Didn’t think of adding something like hickory smoke powder to accomplish this and just freeze. Sounds like that is the perfect way to go to accomplish that! Thanks again!

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