• Looking for suggestions for venison meat block ratio, add ins, cures and casing type and size. FYI, thanks for the community input for the venison breakfast sausage. It came out perfect.

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    1GRINDER For fat ratio you want to be in the 70/30 range, pork fat is what I would add. Ring Bologna comes with the necessary sure cure so no worries there. I would add a Binder if I were you, I have been liking the Super Bind a lot recently but Carrot Fiber or Sure Gel will work as well. The last time I made bologna I also added some red pepper and it was excellent. For casing type we have a casing specifically designed for Ring Bologna and that is what I would use.

    Hope it helps!

  • Thanks Jonathon, great info as always.

  • Jonathon Hi Jonathon, I have a venison ring bologna follow up question. Was the 70/30 ratio pure pork fat or pork shoulder? If I used pork shoulder to bulk up the weight of my finished product, what would my meat block ratio be?

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    1GRINDER 70/30 is lean to fat ratio you want, so that would be pure pork fat, if you are going to use pork butt then I’d recommend you go 50/50 venison to pork butt. You want to make sure the pork is untrimmed as well, you really want/need that fat cap on it! Hope that answered it for you?

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    I just last week made 2 batches of ring bologna and our favorite was 20/80, 20# lean caribou and 5 # beef fat. I am doing more research on how to emulsify with out a chopper looking at the Champion Juicer but not sure how long it takes to do 25 lb batch. What I made I ground the meat first 3/8 then ground the fat 1/8 then mixed two together and then ground both twice 1/8 and then added all spice, binder and cure and mixed well by hand… Looks great but not quite like hot dogs or bologna. Don’t think you would ever tell the difference by taste.

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    Here is what i use. 100% ground venison. Ground once by my deer butcher. No fat, no beef, no pork, again 100% venison ground only once by butcher. Mix proper amount of butcher and packer supply ring bologna seasoning, cure, and special meat binder. Stuff in 1.5x12" casings and smoke to 160deg. Water bath to cool and hang 6-8 hrs. to bloom. Perfect cracker size when sliced.

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    smokinbubba , When I do the water bath, I just put finished cooked sticks in a tub and cover with cold water for a few minutes or it we have fresh snow throw them out in the snow is that what you are doing? What is the purpose of the Bloom and at what temperature?

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    The bloom simply gives the sausage a nice mahogany color and lets everything calm down before packaging. Learned about this in rytec kutas sausage book i think. A few hours at room temp does the trick.

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    Sorry, i put in clean 5gal bucket and change out the water a few times. I do this in the tub. I like the snow idea! Wish central Ohio had more of that…

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