• Looking to make a batch of Landjaeger (not traditional dry age cure which is my absolute favorite) and have a question or two.

    First, in watching Jonathon Landjaeger video, you state that you may not use ECA on the next batch, but perhaps Sodium Eythorbate as a cure excelerator…I’m curious if anyone here has made their own batch of Landjaeger using Excalibur’s seasoning mix, and how “close” it tastes to the traditional stuff.
    Second, is there an additive that one can add to the meat at the end of the process where it doesn’t need to go directly to the smoker? I love the tang that ECA delivers, but I want to really press these things flat before putting them in the smoker.
    Thanks in advance; love the info gained on this board.

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    matt93 The landjaeger had a really nice fresh flavor and scent to it, so I think you will enjoy it. As far as adding ECA and not going directly to the smoker you would MOST LIKELY be okay as long as it is kept cold and not disturbed. You just don’t want to break the encapsulation and that is designed to not breakdown until it hits 130°, now it very well might break down before that so you would be taking a risk. Also, make sure you dont mix it much after adding the ECA as the encapsulation can also break from physical activity.

    As for how close it is to the traditional stuff, it’s not going to be an exact match as this is designed for a different smoking style than the original but it will be close!

  • matt93 i have made them before and I stuffed them very loosely and then they flatten out very easily! Then you can smoke. They did not puff up at all! Stuff loosely and flatten, you should not have a problem. Even if you have to hand manipulate the flattening…that is last resort.

  • demmerich Thank you for the feedback! Should a guy try to stick with the natural casings or would the clear collogen casings suffice?

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    matt93 You should be ok to use either collagen or natural casings. I’d say it’s mostly a matter of a personal preference for how they stuff, perform, and the bite or mouthfeel. Both should work in this case.

    demmerich I’m curious if you have used both types of casings for landjaeger, and if you thought one was easier to flatten and handle after stuffing?

  • matt93 I used Natural casing when I always did my Landjaegers. That’s why it was much easier to flatten! I have not done Landjeagers with collagen casings before, i think you would think you have to flatten over night after loosely stuffing them so they hold there shape after heating? That is just a guess though.

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