Snack Stick Casings: Problem and Solution

  • I was having a little difficulty with wrinkly casings or casings that seemed to separate off the stick as you bit into them and I discovered the problem and thought I would add 2 cents to the discussion.

    Old Collagen Casings.

    I bought some new casings and that made all the difference. I had stored the old casings - who knew how old? - more than a year? 2 years? - in the crisper drawer in my fridge. They went on okay with no blowouts but the final product was lacking …

    Ordered new casing and wow - night and day.

    Going to store these on a shelf in the proverbially cool dry place and mark the date on them.

    2 cents poorer

    Hope this helps someone else who might of had this issue …

  • Lost River Jones
    Thanks, good to know

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Lost River Jones That is a good point, if they were over 2 years, or approaching 2 years sometimes they can get dry and brittle. I haven’t noticed that older casings separate but if they were dry when you stuffed and cooked them I guess it makes sense that they wouldn’t adhere to the meat well.

  • I did snack sticks this Christmas and ran out of the new casings/from Waltons and use some I had left over from last year/ Lem brand. After stuffing with the old snack stick casings, it left a slight corrugated texture like an esophagus, these were stored in my refrigerator for the past year. After smoking they were substantially wrinkly and the newer/fresh casing I stuffed, looked perfect. Next time, I won’t waste my time doing this, using old collagen casings.

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