Hot water bath collagen casings snack sticks?

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    Anybody tried a hot water bath after smoking snack sticks in collagen casings to finish them. I have searched many forums, haven’t found a good answer.

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    Doob46 It has been done with Summer Sausage and there are numerous articles on it, here is a good post from gadahl Summer Sausage Nightmare that talks about doing it with Summer Sausage.

    If you are asking about snack sticks specifically because of the collagen casings I would think you need to put it in a bag to protect the casings, but I have no actual proof behind that, other than collagen casings dont stand up to being boiled.

    It seems like a lot of people put the sausage right into the water and I have never been able to do that, something was blocking me mentally. I think I figured it out, I use a Sous Vide cooker and the oils and any bits of meat would be sucked into the Sous Vide unit and cause issues!

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