Jalapeno summer sausage spices in fresh sausage

  • Team Orange

    Just wondering if anyone has used the jalapeno summer sausage spices to make a fresh sausage and how it turned out.

  • Team Blue

    outlaw179 In my original post below I didn’t realize that you said summer sausage in your question. I was using the jalapeño patty mix:

    I tried a sample patty a couple of weeks ago and it was very tasty. It had much more jalapeño characteristic than I was expecting. It had plenty heat and a great green pepper flavor. You will likely need to adjust seasoning as it didn’t seem to have much in the way of salt…that or my bag wasn’t mixed up well before I measured out my addition. A word of caution…the dust can hit you like a ton of bricks! I had my open bag in one hand and was grabbing a bowl from the cupboard with the other when the particle hit my eyes and lungs. I saw the bowl hit the floor through squinty eyes as I caught my breath…yowza

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    outlaw179 I haven’t done Jalapeno Summer Sausage to make Fresh Brats but there is no reason at all that it wouldn’t work, and work well!

    Joe Hell (Yes) - There are a few seasonings that do this to me every time we open a bag. One of the worst is Habanero Lime Jerky or Snack Stick Seasoning, it is great tasting but man, if you get that stirred up in the air you are in some trouble until it settles!

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