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    I made a small batch of snack sticks over the weekend using the gigawatt flavoring and came away very impressed. I didn’t find the seasoning to be overly hot…in fact I could go a bit hotter and not regret it. As someone mentioned during the live stream the other day, the gigawatt is like cherry candy…on the next batch I might even grind some dried cherries into the mix to give it some sweet heat.

    I used some of the high temp cheddar which was a great compliment to the heat. IMO the game changer was adding the encapsulated citric acid. Some have commented that it adds too much tang so I went with an addition of approx. 80% the recommended amount and the end result was perfect. The ‘leftover’ meat was used in summer sausage casings.

    I went with the recommended cook cycle from the Snack Stick thread and finished in my giant sous vide at 160 before the ice bath. Jonathon…I went straight into the water with the product with no issues.

    Everything turned out fantastic. The end result was every bit as good as any homemade or store bought product I have had. I can’t wait to make more as the first batch is nearly gone. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Time to eat another stick and make plans for the next batch. Thank you Walton’s!

    BTW…this was my first time making snack sticks. Thanks to Walton’s and their informative videos everything turned out perfect.





  • Team Orange Regular Contributors

    Joe Hell (yes) that looks great and very informative! So you finished off in the Sous Vide!!! Brilliant!!! I would have never even thought of that. They technically could pick up the smoke flavor and be taken out earlier and dropped in the tank. Have you tried that before with anything???
    Looks like I will be using the sous vide this weekend.

  • Team Blue

    deplorablenc1 That was the first time making snack sticks and my first time using the sous vide. My smoke schedule was very light using apple pellets for about 1 hour. The water bath didn’t seem to dilute any of the smoke. I’ll be firing mine up again this weekend!

    Here is a link to my sous vide setup during the initial test run.



  • Team Orange Regular Contributors

    Joe Hell that’s a hell of a set-up! I was thinking, vacuum seal the sticks at maybe 140 then drop them in the sous vide for a few hours to the 160 mark. Already packed and can drop right in the freezer and pass out to friends.

  • Team Blue

    deplorablenc1 I pulled mine around 150 and threw them directly into the tank. I should have payed closer attention to the exact time but I think they were in there for about 45-60 minutes. I blame the rum for my memory loss.

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