• I am getting ready to brine both my bacons and Canadian bacons. I have a bottle of crown royal maple that was a gift and I cannot stand to drink it. I wanted to try some in with my bacon brine. My brine consists of water, sugar, brown sugar, cure #1 and kosher salt. My initial test was going to be a 3lb canadain bacon with a shot per pound. Anyone ever experiment? I’m looking for a kiss of maple and bourbon not a upfront maple bourbon. Thanks for any help.

  • Team Blue

    mts1829 HAHAHA!!! Sorry to laugh…my brother gave me a bottle of that c**p and the apple flavor for Christmas a few years ago. It’s horrid. lol. I still have most of both. It might get lost in a marinade but a finishing glaze might be an option.

    Flavored whisky should be a crime. I take mine straight…period.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    mts1829 I’ve never added any liquor to bacon but I’d say you are on the right track with going for Canadian Bacon first. It’s easier to get an uncured loin than a belly for one thing!

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