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    I have the Blue Ribbon Maple Bacon Cure that I mistakenly used as a pickling brine the last time I made bacon (which turned out amazing - my family said it is the best bacon they have ever tasted). I just picked up 30# of fresh bellies yesterday and was getting ready to repeat the same process and when I looked on this site to see how much cure/water I needed to use, I realized that I was supposed to inject this instead of using it for pickling. If I were to use it again for pickling, do you have any suggestions on how much to use per gallon of water and how long to let it sit in the brine?

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    The blue ribbon contains sodium erythorbate to speed up the cure so we don’t recommend it for pickling but people have done it and continue to do it and they say they like the results, we just can’t guarantee it will be perfect. If you are going to pickle it then use 2 lb of cure to a gallon of water and hold them for 5 days since you aren’t injecting.

    You’ve probably already seen it but there is some good information here

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