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    I decided to change the name I post with. I was able to check in to the online give away last week. Totally ok with everyone knowing I am bling thus the new name no_eyes_processor. Next, snack sticks. I know John rathers a larger diameter snack stick. I rather the 16 mm it’s more like slim jims to me. I use a cabelas electric jerkey gun. Wish waltons inc had something like this but they don’t. The electric gun is able to stuff the smaller diameter snack stick. I also wanted to comment on snack stick curing. I am quite successful using the smaller casing. I start the smoker at around 120 and follow the smoke schedule Austin used in the snack stick youtube video. I keep tabs on mine since they are smaller and cook a bit faster. I use the sure gel and the encapsulated citriaccid. I don’t put a water pan in the smoker since the relative humidity in La. is always about 70 percent or higher. Sausage making and any kind of meat processing is my passion. Really excited about all of this and hope to have this posting thing figured out.

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    no_eyes_processor That is an awesome new name! You have done a lot of impressive stuff and kept pushing and trying new things and that is great, we are happy to have everyone on this board but you might have the best “story” of anyone I know of!

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