• A friend is dumping a non working upright freezer so I want to make a curing chamber out of it. I have seen some pretty fancy and costly ways to convert it, but the easiest and most low cost seems to be using a line voltage thermostat hooked up to some kind of heater, maybe just an incandescent light bulb and a small humidifier, also hooked up to a line voltage humidistat.
    It will be in my basement, and the temperature never gets up above 65, but it does get down to around 38 in the winter.
    Anybody have any do’s or don’t for this type of set up?

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    Ed_Orum not sure non-working is the way you want to go. If you are trying to cure at a high of 55 and it is 65 you will need the compressor to cool your enclosure. Anyway, I bought to Inkbird controllers one for temp and one for humidity. They both have 2 working outputs that are just plug in so for temp I have the fridge plugged in and then I cut a hole in the bottom and added a lightbulb to heat it and it does a great job when I do the initial 80 degrees for 12 hours. The humidity control i have a humidifier plugged in to one with a tube into the enclosure and a dehumidifier on the inside. Tip here is make sure the units you buy have a switch for on off not a button or they will not automatically turn on once they are triggered off. I bought a small computer fan that I plug in when the dehumidifier runs to. Good luck! It is alot of fun to have a curing set up!
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