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    I’ve been wanting a decent charcoal grill for quite some time. Specifically, the tried and true Weber Kettle Premium. It’s always nice to have another tool in the arsenal and I love the flavors that result from charcoal. My only problem with the grill was the price. I just couldn’t justify the $180 price tag.

    I found myself at Walmart over the weekend which in itself is rare as I try to avoid that zoo if I can help it. I was there for some silicone bbq gloves when I spied it…a Weber Kettle, brand new in the box on a pallet marked ‘closeout’. The price was an astonishing $40!!! I had a friend guard my bounty as I ‘sprinted’ back to the car to grab some cash.

    I don’t have much experience on the Kettle outside of my baby sized ‘smokey joe’ but I’d say it’s much more heavy duty than I realized and the surface area is larger than I expected. The only flaw was a small dent on the edge of the lid but I can live with that given the $140 discount. I’m so happy with my purchase that I might just leave it in my living room.


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    Joe Hell good deal! Those times you come by stuff like that you just can’t pass them by. I know how you feel, I came across a sale at Academy Sports and bought 3 big bite grinders (5 for 75, 8 for 125, 12 for 200)!

    Let us know how your first big cooking expedition on the Weber goes! Assuming it’s not in the living room in that case we will just watch it on the news…haha

  • Team Blue

    deplorablenc1 LOL! Living room grilling would be pretty awesome but I’ll save that for someone else’s house. That is a heck of a deal on the grinders! I wouldn’t be able to pass that one up. I’m debating what to grill first. A local store has been carrying some large porterhouse steaks which is rare around these parts. Tri-tip is also a favorite. I don’t think I could go wrong by grilling both. It’s been a while since I made kabobs. D**n…I’m in fast mode on my diet until tomorrow morning so this talk is making me very hungry.

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    Joe Hell Those pics are going up on instagram…how much surf & turf can one person eat!J

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I am a fish eating machine! I think I was a grizzly in a past life. That was a spread for 4 people, though we had plenty of leftovers! I’d like to add that I prefer keeping my meat and veggies on separate skewers as it makes the cooking much easier and even throughout.

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    $40 Weber…That’s a steal. I’m on my fourth one. My goto machine for many years. Actually my first smoker as well.

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