A-MAZE-N 12 in. Smoker Tube

  • I have been using the A-MAZE-N 12 in. Smoker Tube for about 2 years in three different smokers I have and have found that using it with wood pellets is a much easier and better way than traditional wood chips for smoking. Take a look at it and give it a try.


  • @akdave I definitely agree… I use the same one and love it.

  • @akdave I have a 6in one used it a few times to smoke cheese in my GMG puts out a lot of smoke. I recently bought a smoke pistol on a FB rummage sale site…haven’t had a chance to use it yet… one of these days when it quits blizzarding

  • I have a 12" tube… been using about a year… way better than chips no need to soak . get smoke immediately
    cold or hot… makes great flavor for chickens, pork butts and sausages

  • I don’t have the tube, myself.
    But I got the Tray, because it was more versatile. Does Pellets, but also does dust, which I have become a convert to.
    Dust (dissolved Pellets) burn slower, and give me the smokey flavor I prefer.
    I don’t know if a tube can burn dust well, But the tray runs about 6 hours for me on a full load of dust, and gives me the taste I like. (Currently, Apple-wood for most.)
    I imagine it does depend on what you are using as a smoker. I use electrics myself.

  • @pauliedmondsjr I have the Masterbuilt 30 inch and 40 inch smoker. I think the cold smoking attachment for that is a good option too, and they can be hooked up to anything with a dryer hose.

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    I do most of my smoking (at least at home) on a pellet grill that generally gives me enough smoke, if I need to add more I do have a 12" Amaze-N tube that I can use and I agree that pellets are better than chips for this.

  • Just purchased the 12in. version this past weekend. Anxious to try it later this week. I’m thinking a rack of baby backs sounds good.

  • @deplorablenc1
    Yep, the MB’s are a natural for using 3" venting tube and dryer discharge vent hose.
    I had the 30" as my first (ever) commercial made smoker. For over 50 years all my smoke boxes were adaptations of re-purposed things. Large electrical equipment boxes, Porcelain interior refrigerators, or modified bar-B-ques.
    I wished I had a 40" MB, and one day a guy posted (elsewhere) he had a 40" with a dead control to give away. It was Providential, he lived about 10 miles away. I scored a 40", and put my PID to control it, and use it as my Cold Smoker to do…
    Well… cold smoked stuff. Bacon, Nuts, anything I don’t want to “cook” while smoking.
    No matter what short-comings there are with MB’s controls and electrics, the boxes work fine.
    They should market boxes, sans any controls, for folks that want to DIY a smoker with heat and controls that actually can work.
    If I knew now, what I didn’t know then… 😉

    But for me, using dust definitely gives me the flavor I crave, and the control I require.

  • @PapaSop
    To my way of thinking, pellets are cheap enough that I played with them a lot at first.
    And now, I still don’t mind burning up excess.
    I’d encourage you to go ahead and burn some up just to play around, see how things work, And you could even use Hot Dogs as “sacrificial Lambs” to see how things taste.
    I do that sometimes just to experiment to get a baseline to begin with.
    (This is your hot dog plain 😀 , this is your hot dog on smoke… 😲 )

  • @pauliedmondsjr
    LOL. Everything is better with smoke on it. I have two MB smokers. Have had issues with chips catching fire thus raising the internal temperature and way to much smoke. Thought this would help moving the smoke source away from the burner(using LP). Thanks for the suggestions.

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    @PapaSop I added the cold smoker attachment to my MB40…I stopped using the regular chip tray the same day I installed it and I’ve yet to go back.

  • @Joe-Hell
    Might have to check into that attachment. Thanks.

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    @PapaSop …not to say the A-MAZE-N isn’t amazing! I’m planning on buying one for one of my other setups at the very least

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