• Am going to use an old smoker this weekend to do 25 # of salami I can keep the heat pretty well regulated but it is all wood for the heat so even at 110 to start out I will be smoking it any difference in this and waiting a couple of hours to put the smoke to it

  • No it will be fine. I use an all wood fire on my smokehouse to do bologna and it smokes the entire time. Smoke smoke gets through the fibrous casing but not a ton. Its just some added flavor. I start low at 110 - 120 and smoke it good and then after hours heat up to 170 and try and stay below 180 all the time, but the fire can be difficult to control. I try and hit 145 IT and leave it there for at least ten minutes it make it moister and it still done and safe. I have tried getting to 160 before and the smoke house needed to be 190 and I started getting fat out on the casings and dry bologna. Low and long is a good plan if you have all day.

  • Team Blue

    huntducks When I became a KCBS BBQ judge 11 years ago, I was told that meat stopped taking on smoke between 135 and 140 degrees. Some people now say it takes on smoke through the whole process. Ten years ago, the smoke on brisket would overpower the beef flavor, so I’m sure it was taking on smoke for quite a while. I would put the smoking wood on when you put the meat in and stop around 150. You could always take a small piece out and see if it’s smoked to your liking.

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    huntducks The only way it could cause a problem would be with some streaking appearance and that is way more of a concern when using an atomizer with liquid smoke. What happens is the surface of the meat isnt dry so the smoke can’t adhere evenly and leaves some streaks. But, like archeryrob says, you will be fine!

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