Recovering denatured meat …

  • after reading here several times about denatured meat … and how it has ruined a batch of meat the question comes to mind
    if when mixing you realize that its just not getting good protein extraction ( not getting at sticky product) what steps can you take to recover the batch ?
    probably different answers depending on fat content but lets see

  • @DeerSlayer add more water and keep on mixing!

  • @lamurscrappy said in Recovering denatured meat …:

    @DeerSlayer add more water and keep on mixing!

    I’m kind of glad I don’t know any better. LOL!
    Since I do more “Shotgun” cooking, I tend to adjust on the fly.
    If I get too much water on the front end, it always dries out on the tail end. Or more accurately, it stays in the smoker until I’m happy with it.
    (IE: Wrinkled enough, smoked enough, tastes OK.)
    I’m a simple man, with simple ways.
    But like Lamurscrappy sez, I just dribble in a bit more water, and keep mixing until I get what I think is gooey and sticky enough to push into casings (Collagen).
    I course grind. Season and Mix. Grind again finer. Then that second grind is discharged into my Stuffer tank to be mashed into sticks. I seem to wind up with a Hot Dog appearing stuffing mixture, with some appearance of peppercorn and mustard seed.
    I prefer as simple an approach as I can. So far it must be working out, I’m still here. LOL! (Much to some’s dismay…)
    (And if my ways knock me off, I promise not to tell anybody.)
    Water tends to dry up, with enough heat and patience.

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