• I want to use excalibur extra white cure salt in my summer sausage. What is the correct amount I need to add for a 25# batch.
    1 oz. Of pink cure is 6.25%
    Excalibur cure has .85%

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  • Afternoon… Using 0.85% nitrite as your cure is good… I use the same that comes in a bacon/maple cure…
    Use 2% Excalibur cure will return ~170 Ppm nitrite… The salt % in the meat will be <2%… which it fine… Depends on the amount of Cane sugar in … That’s a great mix for anything… It’s less than the 200 Ppm max allowed in bacon … And as a home processor, it’s close enough to not cause any problems in what ever meat product you use it for… Remember… above ~130 ish, the nitrite degrades… and in a finished product, what’s left will be around 10-20 Ppm nitrite…

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    daveomak I think your response cut off at the end? Were you saying that you use Maple Bacon Cure to make Summer Sausage?

    jbird I need to have a discussion with our application specialist before I can answer you the correct amount. I know his first response is going to be something along the lines of “why would you want to do that?” or “tell them we don’t recommend it” and then once we get past that hopefully I can get you a portion per lb that will work for you!

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