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    I purchased the MB40 back in December and immediately noticed that it took hours and hours longer than any of my previous MB30 models. I just assumed that it was the weather that was responsible but as the weather warmed I didn’t notice any change. I checked the smoker temps with an oven thermometer, a new dual probe thermometer and the built in probe on the smoker itself. The unit maxes at 275 degrees yet the built in probe showed a temp of 400! The remote for the Masterbuilt showed a temp of 144. The dual probe was 205, and the oven thermometer also around the 200 mark. So…

    I called Masterbuilt last Friday and spent over 60 minutes on hold waiting for assistance. Grilling and smoking is a popular weekend activity…I get it. Once I got the rep on the phone she asked the necessary questions and quickly determined that I have a control panel issue and offered to send a new one free of charge.

    The new one should arrive next week and I will surely put it to the test. Aside from the long wait time on the phone I am very satisfied with Masterbuilt’s response. I’ll keep you posted on the performance with the new control panel. Hopefully that will solve my woes.

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    Joe Hell I picked up that same smoker the 40 inch at Academy on clearance for 75 bucks! I used it to smoke snack sticks and have had no issues with mine at all. Both the 30 and 40 I run now and work well. Glad to hear they are taking care of the issue at least.

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    deplorablenc1 D**n…I thought I got a good deal for $175! I’ve used and abused all of my 30’s until they died. They last a couple a couple years before I manage to kill them. Still good bang for the buck…you can almost always find them on sale for a good deal.

  • Joe Hell
    That’s why I made my own masterbuilt. 20190309_174352.jpg

  • Joe Hell I bought my 2nd MB40 due to my old MB40 controller going bad during the pre-heating process. I turned it on and went inside to mix a 25lb batch of snack sticks. When I came back out, the controller wouldn’t allow me to adjust the temp. Well, I couldn’t let 25lbs of meat go to waste, so I went to the nearest Academy sports and paid full price. $299
    I repaired the old one, so now I have 2 MB40’s.

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    rhjbarney I will try that someday! There are some truly ambitious home builds on this site. You do great work!

  • For the Masterbuilt look at getting a Auber Wifi PID controller, it works awesome, very accurate and stable temps. Also look at getting a cold smoke attachement, much better smoke for hot smoking plus added benefit of being able to cold smoke. Electrics are notorious for having trouble producing smoke at lower temps. A alternative to cold smoke attachment would be to make a Mailbox mod for the smoker. It does the same thing.

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