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  • For many of the recipes like hot dogs and meat sticks, it says to use 80/20 beef. I want to use my venison grind. I have ground pork from a pig we raised, what would be the proper ratio of venison to pork?

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    @dtabor I would say that is up to you. I like a 50/50 mix for snack sticks and kielbasa. Summer sausage I use a 60 v/ 40 p.

    Most people that I give stuff I have made to and bring to work like the 50/50.

  • Personally I really enjoy the taste of venison. I typically use a 70v/30p mix. That is pork butts not fat. Never had a complaint. Try it a few different ways. See what you like best. I would suggest if your going to do test batches don’t use that precious venison especially if trying a new spice mix or adding say ECA to a batch. Found that out the hard way.

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    @dtabor You want your fat content to be somewhere in the 25% range so if you have access to straight pork fat then you can just use that in a 1 in 4 ratio with lean cuts of venison. If you only have access to ground pork then I would go with a 1 to 1 ratio of pork to venison but if you like the taste of venison like @PapaSop then 60/40 would be fine too! I’d highly recommend you use a Binder like Super Bind, Carrot Fiber or Sure Gel if you are making a hot dog with wild game and pork fat!

  • Thanks all for the replies.

    Jonathon, I have ground pork so will use the ratios suggested. I purchased the carrot fiber this time around for a binder.

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    @dtabor Most people have really liked Carrot Fiber, a very few have mentioned that they can taste it but I have used it countless times and have never noticed any taste. It absolutely helps with moisture retention, post pics!

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