First time fresh sausage, jerky and comfort food.

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    What does one do when everyone is out of town? Yep, make meat.
    Living in a state where bratwurst is king (WI), I’ve never considered making a fresh sausage. With both the best commercial and local butcher shops turning out amazing sausages I’ve never felt the need…Until… finding Waltons. I totally blame Waltons, Auston, John and the entire Meatgistics community for even attempting this :winking_face:.

    A few pics from this past weekend.

    Sausage…far from picture perfect but overall pleased.

    Venison jerky…an old favorite

    Wings…just comfort food to wrap up Sunday.


    1553980009736.jpg 1553983030450.jpg

    1554045121644.jpg Old reliable.

    IMG_20190331_173948-1209x1612.jpg The best!

    Wow. This got lengthy. Sorry. Cheers:clinking_beer_mugs:

  • Team Blue

    PapaSop I used to make fresh sausage only on special occasions because using a stand mixer for processing was such a pain in a*s. I accidentally found these guys about 6 months ago…now I’m a meat processing addict. Walton’s and this online community offer an invaluable resource. Mmmm…sausage


  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Joe Hell
    Totally agree. Been here a couple years but never posted much. Upgrading equipment, watching videos and reading all the posts. Finally took the plunge. :+1:

  • Team Orange Regular Contributors

    PapaSop same here, found this board about a little over two months ago and can’t seem to stop coming. I used to process once a year, obviously deer season, one year my brother in law and I made 200 lbs of kielbasa! Now, with all the great info here I am making stuff all the time.

    Great pics too! I would make fresh when we were tired of smoking and would vacuum pack them then too. I bought all my stuff over the last 20 years to make the once a year a little faster, now it just helps to make my weekends faster!

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    Yep. We’re on the same page.:+1:

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